Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review + Swatches : Silkygirl Blushing Trio in 01 Rosy Peach

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This is a review for my *hint hint* recent favorite blush at the moment, girlss! wii~~ 
which is :
"Silkygirl Blushing Trio in 01 Rosy Peach"

.  lighting under natural day sunlight .

As far as I know, this is silkygirl's new product. They earlier come up with single blush, duo blush, and now a trio blush. Where there are 3 color choices and mixes in one compact.

Are you new to Silkygirl stuff? I already love some of their products, I think they really have an overall good quality products with such a bargain price. 
 Oya, feel free to check some of my reviews for Silkygirl items here --> click me!
And I just knew. If you consider to purchase anything from this line, the best price ( if you live in Jakarta ) is in Matahari Dept. Store, Mal Taman Anggrek. They have a small standing counter there. I bought some of mine in other malls, and they are sooo overprice! #sebel 
Learn from my mistake, girlsss~~ >,<" lol.

☆☆☆ The Packaging ☆☆☆
.  lighting under natural day sunlight .

The packaging is pretty simple. It's a lightweight plastic packaging with clear transparent cover on top. You may get to see the true color on the pan, but there is no mirror there. 

You may get a tiny applicator along in this compact, as a blush brush. And heyy, to my surprise.. it works! Haha.. Well, for emergency on the go, I think it's not too bad. Because once I've tried to use it, the bristle is soft enough, it picked up colors, and the bristle is a limp & long type to blend any harsh line. quite good! ^^

At the back of the packaging, it's written all the info and the ingredients list as well. Just click on the picture above to zoom in ^^

☆☆☆ The Colors ☆☆☆

.  lighting under natural day sunlight .

As you can see, the colors have 3 shades that you can play or mixed match with. They are medium, light, and darker in peachy rose family. The bottom part or the lightest color is more on the shimmery side, while the rest are matte finishes. It's good right? It could be a highlighter to put on top your cheekbone. Or.. just swirl all the color together to give a radiant and healthy glowing blush finishes.

.  lighting under room light .
*finishes :
top : matte
middle : matte
bottom : shimmery

☆☆☆ The Swatches ☆☆☆ 
.  lighting againts natural day sunlight .

.  lighting under room light .
 all of the swatches above are in 2-3 swipes

☆☆☆ The Texture & Pigmentation ☆☆☆  
The texture is rather chalky in my opinion. You'll gonna deal will lots of fall out! So, gotta beware of that >,<"  But they blend easily, and spread nicely on the skin. 

I swirl all of the colors with the blush brush it given.

Tap off any excess.

See all that crumble in the pan? >,<"

But to my other liking, the color is buildable. It began sheer, but I rather to build them up than to leaving with some chunk of hot mess on my face! lol. It is a natural flushed color on the cheek. Definitely one of my fave color and love the finishes as well ^^

☆☆☆ The Staying Power ☆☆☆ 

The staying power is what I called awesome. Haha.. You're still gonna see the flushed color on your cheeks for the entire day! I even think the color is looking a lot darker and blend with my skintone more than when I put it at first. I don't know.. maybe because it oxidize a little bit on my cheeks? I'm not sure about that. >,<" But I love the result it given ^^ <3 

Overall look on my face :


All in All..
To me, it's definitely worth to try. With only IDR. 50000 rupiahs or around $ 5 US Dollars, you'll getting a good flushed healthy color on the cheeks that works for everyday use. The staying power is good.. or I may say awesome! :P So yeah, better check this one out if you stop by to any Silkygirl counter near you ^^ 


 That's it my review.

Let me know what you think.

Good day all!

Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. cece, cantik bgt :3
    warnanya juga cantik banget xD
    kapan hari pgen beli, cuma gak tau kalau 2 warna yg diatas itu matte :o
    kupikir itu shmmer semua >_<
    besok liat ah di counternya xD
    thanks for review ce :3


    1. ga sayy, warna yg 2 atas itu matte. yg bawah shimmer. makanya bisa mix match-in. yg shimmer bisa jd highlight. hihi.. seru yak! ^0^

      ow you're very welcome dear! :D

  2. i have this too! i absolutely love it! :D

    1. ow.. you do, sarvin? where do you get it? ^^ i like it too, been using it lately :D


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