Saturday, March 23, 2013

EYEspiration Saturday : RGB Color Wheel

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Actually, the title is quite different to my other previous post. 
. Eye Makeup Inspiration .
And yes, this is just a sniff of the result to my playing around time with eye makeup.
And when I was making it.. most of the time I just wing it!

This time.. inspired by so many colors that got together on the lid, I also make a boundary of black stroke on the top & white stroke at the bottom.

And by the end of the result, I don't even know what am I gonna name this look!
>,<" #jujur
And when I asked about this look on my twitter and facebook, I see some point to what other may see ^^ And actually.. so many of you thought about lot of different things about this look! :D haha. that is kinda fun to me! ^0^ 
And finally.. thanks to my dearest Roma, and I like her saying RGB! okeh, that's it. that's the name! lol. So.. here you go.
 "RGB Color Wheel Inspired Eye Makeup" 

credit picture here!

and it suit this look pretty well, don't you think? 
ahh agree with me, pleasee :D lol.

So, this is what I called :


For the list of product use :

☆☆☆  Eyes  ☆☆☆
False Lashes : Heart Jewel Lash No. 18

☆☆☆  Eyebrow ☆☆☆


Thanks for reading this blog.
Have a great day all!
Hope you got inspired. 
Lot's of
Feli :)


  1. eyeliner mu mak rapihnya gaketoloongannnnnn look nya cetarrrrr! lope it makkk ^^

  2. eh warna-warni, kereeeeeen
    bajuuuuus bangeeeeet. Kayak kue bolu pelangi.. Yosin jadi laper :P

    1. ahahahahaha rainbow cake ya? itu mataku makk. jangan dilahap yak. lol. warna warni emang bikin happy yaaa :P hahaha

  3. Replies
    1. yoiiiii gonjreng bgt yak makk kaya alayyyy ^0^ hahaha

  4. *happy sigh*

    So so so so talented. I can imagine you later having your own youtube channel (lol already do oops) and MILLIONS FANS.


    1. ahahahaha romaa! you are such a happy maker mood fairy GOD MOTHER! lol. love youuu.

      eh, saya link blogmuh di tulisan iniiii. moga2 ga ditagih hak pateen deh.. ntar saya traktir kwaci sama kopi item deeeh. *lah. dikira supirr* ahahaha

  5. you're so amazing...i always love your creation..

    1. oh my god.. that is the sweetest thing you can say, dearr ^^ thankyouuuuu *hug hug hug*


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