Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beauty Wishlist : April 2012

Every once in a while, I like to do "wishlist" blog posts to share which products/items I've been lusting over lately. With all of those so many product releases, I'm practically drowning in desire, so I thought I would share which items I'm eyeing the most! 

Note: All photos used in this post are official promo images, as I do not physically have the products to photograph myself. If you would like to see actual product photos/swatches, a Google image search will give you an even better idea of what they look like! :)

1. Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm
 I definitely have been eyeing their product for quite a while now! You probably heard about them from their famous Nude Tude Palette, The Bahama Mama Bronzer, Sexy Mama Anti-shine Translucent Powder, or Hot Mama the Blush. But, I feel so desire to have their luminizer (highlighter) called Mary-Lou Manizer. Being a flattering color to a subtle glow to the skin is a must have for me! Yeah, I want it.

picture taken from their official site : the Balm cosmetics

2. Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream SPF30 PA++
 I heard so many good reviews about this. Being a great coverage for oily skin, enough said. I want it. In fact, one of my favourite beauty guru in youtube replacing her Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation with this BB Cream. woah.

picture taken from their official site : Lioele
direct link to the product :

3. Precision Kabuki Airbrushed Effect from Bdellium
 Geez. Actually, their line caught my eyes when I'm looking for a synthetic makeup brush set. And I got distracted when so many raving about Sigma Sigmax Brush being told that it was the best. Recently, I watch Gossmakeupartist raving about this brush as one of his five amazing makeup product that he LOVE! Damn. I already got Sigma. Should I have more? haha. help me puh-leasee >,<"!

 picture taken from their official site : Bdelliumtools

4. MAC Chenman Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo 
From the first I saw these, I knew I want it. It is the most gorgeous marble baked colour that I've ever seen. The swatches just made me hype and pumped up. I know, it's crazy. For $20 each, I need to calm myself first. And I just froze my credit card into my freezer. haha jk!
  picture taken from their official site : MAC cosmetics

 5. Maybelline Color Tattoo & L'oreal Color Infaillible
By mean of that, I've been wanting to have all of the shades. Crazy? I know. It's my middle name. I just find that all of the color is dangerously divine and vibrant. The quality is also being raved. While Maybelline Color Tattoo has 10 gorgeous shades, L'oreal Color Infaillible has 9 stunning shades ( I believe they have more shades, but this top nine shades is the first released in fall/summer 2011. And then they released more shades in winter/holiday 2011. The color range is 1-27 with various range of colors ) . If I had all of that, I'd post all of the swatches.. in my face. Not kidding. :P

 link to the product : from their official website

 link to the product : from their official website

Well there you have it. My current beauty wishlist! 
What items have you been lusting over lately?
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)


  1. mau juga nih mary lou manizer nya gara-gara liat michelle phan pake itu mulu xD
    tapi bingung antara itu atau mac soft & gentle~

    1. haa sama persis dilemanya! aku juga bingung awalnya mau MSF soft & gentle. tapi lagi hypenya si the balm ini. even Gossmakeupartist said mary lou is the best highlighter! :))


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