Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Top 5 Favourite Youtube Video Tutorial in the Month of March TAG!

Girls, definitely learn from all the beauty gurus in Youtube Video is like a free expensive makeup class. Each different person has their own way to express and gave us a worthy lessons. Off course not all the entire tutorials or lessons could suit us. And I found all of these tutorials excited me the most and I've been liking it in the month of March 2012. Even though some of them were made in ages ages ago. LOL. 

And yes, it is a TAG! and I'm tagging all of YOU! :D

By mean of that, I just thought that it could be more fun to know your personal favourites by making a post respond and let me know by the comment below. hihihi :)))

Shall we start?
Let's begin!

1. NikkieTutorials ( her Youtube chanel --> click me! )
 She is one of my favourite girl on Youtube! Only 17 (SEVENTEEN!) but super talented and fun to watch! All I know that she is originally from Netherland and her mom is the owner of  hetcosmeticahuis. In fact that she is young, not only we can understand and related by her tutorial, but she also gives a lot of tips and tricks to achieve a professional makeup look. Her style definitely edgy, fun, colourful and runway look. But sometimes she does a basic makeup and everyday wearable look. Like what the video below, she teaches us basic foundation routine and how to achieve a perfect glowy skin. Check her out!

 twitter -->!/Nikkietutorials
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 website -->

2. frmheadtotoe ( her youtube channel --> click me! )
 Jen is a 27 years old Korean-American ( beauty blogger, youtuber ) who is definitely super beautiful and give a lot of great reviews and tutorials. I love watch her "Hits and Misses" too in every month, because she has a lot of recommendation of great products. One of her tutorial that I love the most this month is her St. Patrick's Day : Green Winged Eyeshadow Tutorial ( plus Cherry ). Arghh because of this tutorial I wanted so bad to have Sugarpill eyeshadow in Midori. Check her out! psst... you've been warned! LOL

3. Alba Mayo ( her youtube channel --> click me! )
 This goes to the cutest nail polish design by Alba Mayo. Love her and her tutorials, but this cute leopard nail polish design definitely one of my favourite in the month of March. And yes, I'm in the haunt of those nail colors she wore in this video! LOL. Check her out!

4. Michelle Phan ( her youtube channel -> click me! )
 Haha.. I love Michelle Phan. I begin to love watching makeup tutorial from youtube because of her. Can't argue, she is talented. Also, her hair bff friend, Daven Mayeda 's tutorial is contagious. And from Michelle, this month I favourited her Rock The Red Lips tutorial. Check her out!

5. Sasaki Asahi ( her youtube channel --> click me! )
 I know Sasaki Asahi long ago when she made a makeup turorial in BALI! I just like her because she is fun and cute. She is former known as a manwomanfilm (her previous youtube channel) for her theatrical, costume performance look and playful makeup tutorial. From her latest makeup tutorial, I enjoyed watching her Bright Spring Makeup ~Lavender Eyes~ this month. Check her out!

Yup, I guess that's it!
So so so so many youtuber though that I like. But it happens that I enjoyed watching those video in the month of March.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

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