Thursday, March 15, 2012

My favourite Department Store Japanese Brush

Today, I'm sooo in the mood to talk about brushes!

And I think I need to share, as an information about affordable brushes that I used and work wonders to me.
These are all the brushes that I use when I start to learn applying makeup.
They were so affordable and easily to get.

It happen when I need a brush that I could use just for applying basic makeup. At that time what I need is simply the cheapest that I could get and be easily found at my nearest mal from my house ( Mal Kelapa Gading ). But, somehow.. I really do think that it is a good brush! :D

Even though I already have sigma, but still I found myself tend to reach all of these brushes to get the look that I want.

And here it is :

All of this brushes I purchased from SOGO Department Store.
For coincidence, they were all Japanese Brand :D

They were all :
  • Spoolie Brush by Cosmeup
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush by Masami Shouko
  • Small Dome Brush ( for eye ) by Masami Shouko
  • Large Angled Contour Brush ( for eye ) by Masami Shouko
  • Concealer Brush by Masami Shouko
  • HD Foundation Brush by Masami Shouko
  • Multi Foundation Brush by (unknown, all the instruction are written in Japanese >,<")

Another thing that I'm sooo glad that I purchased all of these brushes are none of them have the same shape that what I get in SIgma 12 Essential Kit. So, they all just complete each other whenever I need a specific type of brush :D
you can see my post about Sigma Kit here --> click me!

So, let's get up and personal with the brushes, shall we?

Spoolie Brush by Cosmeup
Price Tag : IDR. 49500 rupiahs ( around $4.95 US Dollar )

What can I say? This is my Holy Grail Spoolie. hahaha.. What I do with this brush is to separate any clumps on my eyelash after applying mascara or to shape my eyebrow. ( Tips : spray the brush with hairspray before you shape the eyebrow, so that you get a perfect eyebrow shape all day! yay! )

As you can see.. the brush is much shorter than the usual ( the length of the bristle ) and it's flat ( with no bump in the middle or shape like a tree ) and that's why I like it better! :D The brush is so sturdy and strong but yet gentle to my eyebrow.

Angled Eyeliner Brush by Masami Shouko
Price Tag : IDR. 25900 rupiahs ( around $2.59 US Dollar )

I've been wanting to have an angled brush like this. It said that it's easier to applying gel eyeliner with this, in a way that your hand won't blocking your view when doing eyeliner. I'm new with gel eyeliner, so this is a good tool for me.

This brush is so thin, ike a half size of the Sigma E05 eyeliner brush. As you see from the picture it's about the same size, because the angled brush is a flat shape while Sigma E05 is a round shape. This angled brush is perfect to make a precise thin line but sometimes it's bristles tickle me! Yes, tickle as in tingle in my eye. Well, that's just me. LOL! It's made with synthetic bristle.

Small Dome Brush ( for eye ) by Masami Shouko
Price Tag : IDR. 25900 rupiahs ( around $2.59 US Dollar )
This brush has a perfect size to cut a crease on my eye. Compare to Sigma E30 pencil brush, it's shorter and rounder at the tip. While with Sigma E40 tapered blending brush, you can see a hugh different with the picture on the left side. Made with natural bristle.

Sigma E40 - Sigma E30 - SDM Masami Shouko

Oh ya, one thing that I forgot to mention that all of these Masami Shouko brushes are come from a smaller size ( like a travel size ), but I do saw the longer one that they sell at the same place with maybe 3-5cm difference. Still not as long as the regular brushes. You can see the difference side by side with Sigma brushes on the left side.

Large Angled Contour Brush ( for eye ) by Masami Shouko
Price Tag : IDR. 28900 rupiahs ( around $2.89 US Dollar )

As you can see, it's so much bigger than Masami Shouko Small Dome Brush, however it's bristles is shorter and rounder than Sigma E40 tapered blending brush. I use this brush to soften any harsh line or to spread eyeshadow color evenly. It's just bulkier and I use it switch to other brush or depends on what look that I want to achieve that day. And unique thing, it's angled. just a different feel in applying any kind with swiping motion. ( if you know what I mean. :D ). Made with natural bristle.

Concealer Brush by Masami Shouko
Price Tag : IDR. 28900 rupiahs ( around $2.89 US Dollar )

Sigma E60 - CB Masami Shouko - Sigma F70

Again, the bristle is very soft, not like other cheap brand that feel scratchy on your face. From the picture above I compare it with Sigma E60 large shader and Sigma F70 concealer brush. It's size is in between those two. However, I feel Masami Shouko is a bit denser, which is good for applying product in a lot thicker consistency.

HD Foundation Brush (Flat Top Synthetic) by Masami Shouko
Price Tag : IDR. 88900rupiahs ( around $8.89 US Dollar )

This I must say is just as soft as Sigma Sigmax synthetic brush and it's so dense. However, it's too small ( around 2cm diameter ) but it's good though to reach small area like underneath your eye, the corner of your nose, etc. Just need extra time and patience :) Another thing that kinda bothers me is the weight. The handle is made with aluminum but filled with like.. umm.. iron. ugh! I try to bare it, coz it works wonder to me! Since I had this, I never go back applying my BB cream with fingers. This brush somehow can push all the product and filled my pores, giving a flawless finish. I do have some shedding issue at first ( deep clean method ), but it's just a little and only at that time. After that, it hold pretty good. I'm impressed! Made with synthetic bristle.

Compare to Sigma F50 Duo Fibre

Multi Foundation Brush by Unknown
Price Tag : IDR. 175000rupiahs ( around $17.50 US Dollar )

I know it still a little high price to pay, but I think it's worth it. To be honest, until now, I still don't know what kind of bristle it's made out with. The character is like someone's hair! uughh. But a good healthy hair type! without split end, rough, or easily broken type of thing. ( hmmph I feel guilty to explain it >,<! it could be really is someone's hair. oh no! ) But it could be synthetic, as it's shiny when I highlight it under the artificial lamp. It cut so precise to give the flat effect and feel soft on my skin. The grip is just perfect for me. I have no shedding problem at all from the first time I bought it. I use this brush to cut the hollow on my cheeks with bronzer, it's just a perfect shape. But since it too dense, after made the cut, I blend the bronzer with other brush. Giving a perfect cut but not too harsh. But I think since it's called 'Multi Foundation Brush', it would be a perfect brush for applying mineral foundation. Still, I don't think it would good for liquid foundation since I'm not sure what the bristle is made of.

Compare to Sigma F50 Duo Fibre 

The comparison size from all of the brushes Sigma F25 tapered face :

That's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. beli dimana say itu? pengeeennn.. *muka iri*

    1. haha semuanya itu beli di SOGO MKG ( Mal Kelapa Gading ) :)))

  2. Kak, sempet liat yg angled liner brush ga (mirip brow brush) is it thin enough? I'm dying to try one. But not sure.


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