Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick Tip : DIY Easy Brush Hanger

It's Sunday!
And it's time for my lovely brushes to get their weekly treatment! 
Yes! Deep cleaning brushes!

After you clean your brush, have you ever confuse of how you'll gonna hang them to dry?
I mean.. I used to use a brush guard, and it took forever to dry since the bristle is just gonna tightly packed. So, it need to be hung in order to keep the shape nicely and prevent water run through the barrel.
But how?

And I come up with this idea.

Hahahaha.. it's simple yet effective to me. 
Until now, this is how I hang all of my brushes every week :D

All I need is just rubber band and a hanger.

I just tied a couple of the brushes ( make it even so it can balance nicely :D ), then place the brushes in the hanger like so :

However, there's gonna be some brushes that left uneven.
And all you need to do is secure them with another 2 rubber bands and place them at the gap of the left and right side of the brushes like so :

And now just wait until they were completely dry.

 I'm telling you, no need to buy a brush guard.
Keep the money to buy more lipstick.

Hope it helps!

So, how do you hang your brushes?
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)


  1. I love your idea...!!
    I never tought about that!!
    thank you very much for sharing!!

    1. ow. glad i could help! thx for coming to my blog sist :D

  2. Huaaah..
    I will try it!
    thanks for the review beib..

  3. hihih aku jg kaya gini kalo lg pengen cpt2 kering.. aku iket, gantung trus taro di dkt kipas angin ;D


  4. OMG! you are super creative! gonna try this one :)

  5. wow.. this is really good and really creative! so gonna copy you next time I wash my brushes! thanks for sharing!


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