Friday, March 9, 2012

Haul + Review & Swatches : Too Faced Naked Eye Eyeshadow Palette

My Goodness!

As far as I'm loving NYX Nude on Nude Palette which I made a review about it --> click me! , this time I give it a try to Too Faced Naked Eye Palette.
 (I made a purchase from Indonesian local website called IndoMakeup )

I got it for IDR. 398000 rupiahs ( around $39.80 US Dollar ) because they having a 11% DISCOUNT from the first price IDR. 445000 rupiahs ( around $44.50 US Dollar )
HA! another main reason why I bought it. hihi :P
( the link : )

I've been wanting this palette because it consist of neutral cool undertone eyeshadow colors. To me, it's quite unique! I love experimenting with colors and new look lately, and to have something different in my collection is another main reason I'm eager to buy this oh-so-expensive palette :P 
And as far as what I saw.. gotta love the cute packaging! That's why I'm so excited :D
( I'm such a sucker for a cute packaging! HELP! :P )

As you can see, they have a nice classic Victorian modern theme into the design, and sort of pastel - pinkish creme - soft color as the main color of the package, very pretty! There's a small drawer also to keep the eyeshadow brush. Well thought!

Include the set, they also gave instruction card to guide us in using the color for which I thought it's very cool :D

Day look - Classic Look - Fashion Look

Another point that I like : it's the unusual creative name that they gave to each of the eyeshadow! :D

In The Buff - Pillow Talk - Like A Virgin
Birthday Suit - Satin Sheets - Unmentionables
Pink Cheeks - Lap Dance - Stiletto

And just for a little bit of comparison with NYX Nude on Nude Palette which has the opposite undertone than this Too Faced Palette, we all shall see from the.. SWATCHES! :D
( I don't know why I always excited for swatches *lol :P )

This is the picture side by side with NYX Nude on Nude Palette :
hmm judging from this sight.. They really do have slightly same color on the pan >,<"

after all, let me swatch it for you!
. no primer . no base . indoor artificial light .

Ouch. The swatches pay off is quite sheer, to get to the swatches above I need to swipe it 2-3 times :(

Should I be sad?

Funny.. I don't :)
And let me tell you why..

  • After swatch it, I realize that Too Faced Palette got this unique shimmering or satin finish to each of the individual color. The shimmering give the perfect glow or highlighting to be worn as neutral or in this case, naked eye.
  • The color selection is quite unique and can't easily be bought in any drugstore.
  • Yes, it's not as pigmented as I thought, but definitely buildable. Imagine if you put a primer and perfect base to it. OMG. It will be gorgeous. 
  • And lastly, even though Too Faced Palette quite the same in the pan to NYX Nude on Nude Palette, my goodness.. they totally on a different alley! ( in term of color also finishes ). Impressed.    

As you can see, in the pan they are almost the same. but when I swatch it, NYX give a sort of greyish rose pink with a matte finish, while Too Faced "pink cheeks" give a frosty very pale pink with a hint of teeny tiny sparkle and shimmer in it. Totally different. :D

.close up pictures to see details on texture and finishes.

another swatch without swiping or smudging it :)


Overall, I'm quite pleased with this palette. 
Could be more stunning if the color pay off exactly like what I thought, right?
hehe.. that's just my personal opinion.

Do you guys have this palette?
How you like it?
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 


  1. Oh my.. So in love with the packaging! Nice review, and oh i love your writing style! =)

    -hanna anindhita-

    1. thank you so much, hanna :)) yes, gotta love the cute packaging! ahaha :D

  2. hi..i saw you have many review about eyeshadow pallete
    first i want buy these pallette but after seeing the other review i am so confused. which do you think are good for daily activities? too faced? nxy? 88pallete?
    follow me back please^^thanks.

    1. wow. so many things as a consideration. it depends on personality, color selection, price range, and what look you're going for as for daily makeup. if you're talking about neutral nude palette, i love nyx nude on nude >> great value. and i have done a review about it. pls go check my other post!

      yup i'll followed you dear :)

  3. oke i'll check the other post..thanks a lot dear :)


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