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Review + Swatches : Lancôme Virtuôse Mascara, Lipstick & Lipgloss ♥

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Continuing my "debt" review from Lancôme product that I got at the beauty class that I attend a while ago, this is basically my review and thought about them.
However, I will make a separate review about the skincare products, and so for today I will be talking about some of the cosmetics especially their mascara, lipstick and lip gloss.

So, here we go! :D


♥ Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick ♥


The color that I got is L'Absolu Rouge 365, it is a beautiful deep warm rosey berry color.

(picture taken at indoor artificial light)

I got this in a sample mini size 1.5ml of product. Made in Japan. It has a sleek classic packaging and feels lightweight. So it's a travel friendly, also "show-off" friendly. Haha.. I always love lipstick in a sleek and classic packaging, I think it's timeless! I will showing it off all the time if I could! :P
However, the performance of the lipstick formula is just decent to me. It's not drying my lips, pretty pigmented with a beautiful satin finish, but it also not long lasting and the color tend to run into the edges of the lip line.
Personally added, this is also not my kind of color. I'll look more mature when I'm wearing this kind of shade. >> "Ibu Feli mau kemana?" ermm.. ya. that's what I will get maybe. -_-" << joking btw! :P

Lip Swatches :
 (picture taken at day sun light)
 Bare Lips

L'Absolu Rouge 365


Lancôme Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Hydrating Lip Gloss


The color that I got is 17 Fraise. I would describe this as a cherry color. Not forget to mention, smell and taste sweet like cherry! :)) I got this in a 15ml of tube packaging. Made in Spain.

It has a slant tip applicator.

It has a rich also thick texture. That's why it feels almost sticky on the lips >> Good thing is it last long on the lips!

Basically it's like a tinted cherry gloss with lots and lots of pink shimmer in it.
It's beautiful to look at in person ^.^

Lip Swatches : 
(picture taken at indoor artificial light) 


♥ Lancôme Virtuôse Mascara ♥

Do you know even Lancôme Virtuôse Mascara has 2 types?
They called it Virtuôse Mascara and Virtuôse Precious Cells High Definition Curves & Length Mascara.   

I got all of this in sample 2ml size.

They have the similar brush shape applicator. Slightly curved with synthetic brush bristle. 
( left ) Virtuôse in Noir Sensuel - ( right ) Virtuôse Precious Cells ( PC ) in Voluptuous Black

Talking about the difference between those two..
So, the significant different between them is where they've been produced. Virtuôse is made in France, while Virtuôse PC is made in Japan.

The formula & finishes from them both also has a slight difference..

If you look closely, Virtuôse PC has a darker jet black color with a slightly glossy finish, while Virtuôse look a little bit ashy and has a matte finish.

Virtuôse PC also feels more creamy, while Virtuôse is more on the drier side.

For both of this mascara, it is NOT waterproof >> Again, sadly, not my cup of tea :(
But good thing, from what I've heard, for both of this formula is also included a nourishing vitamin for lashes :0
Looking from swatches maybe clearly I could tell Virtuôse PC is the winner between those two. It gives more volume and length result on my Asian pathetic lashes! LOL.

As far for using it almost this past month ( I only use the Virtuôse PC one ), the nourishing formula feels like a gimmicky to me. If it does contain goodness, really I can't tell because I don't see much different on my lashes what so ever. ehehe.

On my lashes :
(picture taken at indoor artificial light) 

Definitely you can build up until it gets thick and volumize your lashes even more, but it could get looking clumpy. At the picture I use 2 coats of Virtuôse PC Mascara.

And for a non waterproof formula mascara, it does hold the curl pretty good! :D

All in all, Asian -Japanese especially- maybe have a pathetic natural lashes, but they finally the inventor of a cool damn mascara and false lashes. Yeah, that's the main story of this post today. 
Just kidding you guys :P


For now, that's it my post.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 

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