Monday, July 30, 2012

FOTD + NOTD + SOTD? : A Pop of RED!

Hi lovelies!
How's everything going?
Hope you have a magnificent day :D

Just a quick post because I've been playing with RED lately!

I don't know what to call my look, but a pop of RED just reminds me of a 
"Modern Pin Up Look Girl"

Ha! Please don't hurt me! 
I am NONE look like the beautiful model above and not gonna recreate the look on the picture either! :)

But I've been noticing girls who dare to wear a pop of RED! It's gorgeous in every single girl, I believe :)

For the palette that I'm gonna use is all from Sariayu Palette in "Etnika Nusa Tenggara" that I got from Sariayu Martha Tilaar Eastern Inspiration Event.
To check my full post about the event and full swatches of the palette --> click here!

And this is what I come up with..

 FOTD ( Face of The Day ) 

1. Eyes

From this palette, you're getting 2 sets of trio eyeshadow. The color that caught my eyes is actually the fresh lime green that I put in inner corner on my eyes. As the crease color I choose the dark bronzy brown. And to give some dimension to my eyes, I put the shimmery orange into the center on my lid that will also make a beautiful gradient from lime green into a dark brown color. As for filling my lower lash line, I freshen up a bit with the gorgeous teal color.

2. Cheeks

For the cheeks, I simply straight using what I got in the palette. The color is beautiful too! The blush is a shimmery peachy nude, and the bronzer is a soft shimmery brown that will make you glow! :D

3. Lips

For the lips, it's from Clinique in 97 Party Red. Geez, I had this for so long that I couldn't remember! But from some of the red shade lipstick that I tried and own, I think this is works the best on me :P

NOTD ( Nail of The Day )

For the nail, it is my long time favorite red blood color that I often use from The Face Shop. Too bad.. it doesn't have a name for the shade, but I believe the nail color is RD302. Gorgeous. Color. Ever.

SOTD ( Shoes of The Day )

Haha.. I don't mean to brag or anything, but I guess it's worth to mention. I got this from Gaudi. It is a gorgeous red blood color and a 3.5/4 inch heels, I believe.

And you know what? I've been eye-ing this baby for quite sometimes. And I know it's meant to be when.. it was on SALE!!

*jaw dropping*

Such a STEAL! :D
Although it's a size bigger on me, but that's why other genius women invent heels liner, right?
Yea, must be the inventor is a WOMAN! :P


Thanks for reading this post!
Do you have any favorite RED shade beauty items?
 Let me know what you think!
 Good day all!
Smile :)

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  1. wow harga sepatunya cuman tinggal 60rb aja fel?? love your FOTD and NOTD! the red lipstick suits you well~

    1. ahaha iya sha. pas megang kaya ada suara surgawi terbuka gt. ahahaha. thx shaa :))

  2. sis, aku baru mikir2 mau cobain red lipstick, takut keliatan tua soalnya wkwkwkwkw
    btw, nice post, kebetulan, aku mau kondangan temanya merah hohohoho....post2 punya sis emang AKU banget.....dah 2x nih bisa PAS banget ma yg lagi aku pikirin hohohohooh....

    1. yey! *tosss let me know if you're wearing the red lipstick yaaa :D

  3. waaah cantiknya :) *envy*
    love your shoes! can't believe it just costs Rp.60.000! your luck :)

  4. ahaha noo don't be! :P yup, ga nyangka mark downnya jauh bgt! thx a lot dear :))

  5. waa suka deh liad makeupnyaa.. aku pingin pake red lipstick tapi gak gitu pede.. hahaha ;)

    1. ahaha thx dear! believe me, i'm not that confident either walking around with red lipstick! haha. but tried too.. and gotta be proud to become WOMAN that could wear RED LIPSTICK! ehehe.

  6. The first image ("Modern Pin Up Girl") is exquisite! I own a web development company and was wondering if I could make use of the image on a website for a make up company I am working with. They have a modern vintage pin up vision for the site and this would work beautifully! Thank you so much! Again, the image is wonderful!

  7. aku suka xm warna lipen and kutekmu say :D it so bloody red, love it so muaachh, aq jg lagi nyari warna kutek kyk km tp blm dpt ni, di bali blm ad TFC, cm bs bli online, hiks


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