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♦ Review : Olay Regenerist Cream ♦

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This is a skincare product that I picked up quite a while ago. I've been using it since I bought it for approximately a month, but I don't know why I stop using it since then. With all the hype up advertising lately, do I find this a good product? 
After all, here's my full review :D

regenerating cream                  
. Protects against UV rays . Helps reduce appearance of deep lines                  
. Visibly Firms . Minimizes appeareance of pores                  
SPF 15 UVA/UVB                  

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☆ Little bit knowledge about the Olay Regenerist line ☆
Olay Regenerist - Inspired by clinical treatments for dramatically younger looking skin.
Clinical treatments are viewed as the gold standard in anti-aging skincare, but they require regular visits to the clinic and can be costly. If only you could get an alternative to these expensive treatments*
Inspired by the best clinical treatments, Regenerist contains aminopeptides, Olay's latest anti-aging breakthrough. Clinical tests have proven that aminopeptides help regenerate skin's appearance at the cellular level**. Olay Regenerist uses this technology to regenerate skin without such drastic measures such as chemical peel or laser to reveal dramatically younger looking skin. 

*  Result not equal to clinical treatments
** in the epidermis

☆ Regenerist Regimen ( whole set in this line ) ☆
Cream Cleanser - First Step To revitalized youthful looking Skin.

Serum - Laserless Option to reveal younger-looking Skin
Eye Serum - Intensive treatment for a visible eye lift

Cream - Daily treatment to reveal younger looking skin
Night Cream - Intensive Minilift as you sleep


As you can see, I'm going to review the MOISTURIZER part, which is The Regenerating Cream that well suited for daytime use, because it contains Olay's exclusive aminopeptide complex and UVA/UVB (SPF 15). It also claim to be rich, non-greasy formula to help visibly reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, increase firmness and minimize appearance of pores.

I also think this is a more lightweight moisturizer than the Night Cream one. That's why, Regenerist Cream is more suited for oily skin, while Regenerist Night Cream is for dry-combination skin.

The Ingredients
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The Product ( texture, thickness )
There's an extra cap to protect the inside, I suggest to never throw this away.
More safety, more fun! *eugh. sounds like dirty advertising. lol*

The texture is not too thick, nor too runny. After all, it's not a heavy cream.
It's a milky white color with a hint of orangey-pale pink.
To me personally, I like the smell it gives. sort like a calming floral scents.

After it set to the skin, the glow will go away.

What I found here is how it blends. It's not gonna fully absorb to the skin quickly, but need extra time. After that, you would find your skin may smoother, but tend to get greasy ( sticky ) especially I do have a massive oil produce and sweat a lot!

That's why, from that alone, I would never find myself wearing this cream as my day cream that I use below my makeup base. Otherwise, it will melt like wearing ice cream in my face! >,<"

The Result

Maybe from what it stated, this product concentrated on how to make your skin look younger and all that wrinkly, deep lines problems. But I was intrigued to try because I need moisturizer that time and says it could minimizes appearance of pores as well.

As I do not have a wrinkle or deep lines problems ( yet ), I can't say much about that. Above all, preventing is what I do. I tried to use anti-aging formula as early as I could. This may be a good product for that, but I can't tell you for that now.
*ehem. the advertising is just too good to be true. I hope they didn't give an empty hope!*

About the minimizing pores result on my face, I still find it doesn't do anything about that ( yet ). I only use this for a month, and I believe need extra time and care if you want a good result.

After all, it's a good moisturizer.. not the best that I found though. For the price, it could be a great thing to have if you need extra care for that younger looking skin or anti-aging formula. Even I do have very oily skin, doesn't break me out & clogging my pores so far. which is a huge thing.



So, have you tried this product?
Let me know what you think!
I'd love to hear from you. :)
Good day all!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. Never try it but I heard good things abt it. Good review :)

  2. I have a very oily skin hehe wamted to try this though... Should i? Afterall a prevention to wrinkle is alwaya good

    1. me too, have a verrryy oily skin. and it works just fine without breaking me out or clogging my pores.
      yes, you can try this if you're looking for a cheap alternative for anti-aging cream dear :)

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