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Review : Silkygirl Magic BB Powder Foundation ♡♡♡

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In the previous post maybe I did a haul and made a first impression with this product --> click here! <-- make sure you read that post first ya! :D
And I've been trying to use it since then. And now here's my full review. woohoo!


What is this?
Basically, it's a BB cream in a form of a pressed powder. Here's what it says :

Magic BB Powder Foundation 
with Vitamin E and SPF 20/PA+

Formulated with Vitamin E and oil-control properties to keep skin moisturized while giving it a matte, silky finish. Specially infused with Wild Mango Kernel Butter to repair and restore skin's suppleness. Contains SPF 20/PA+ to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

I got mine in the shade 01 Ivory

Let's talk the pros and cons through the packaging first. 
I love how compact and slim it is. It's perfect for traveling and in case that day I want to bring a touch up makeup items. It has a convenient size of mirror inside as well!

sorry for the different lighting with picture below, I took it at night time :)

the size is slightly smaller and thinner than blackberry.

It also feels sturdy and lightweight. But unfortunately, the material feels cheapy though. and after I use it for several times, the writing in the cap is easily rubbed off and it easily gets dirty too. Well, that's what I found unpleasant, but I could bare it off :)

Color Selection
They have 4 different shades and it's all made purposely to suit Asian skintone, which I believe it could be a huge advantage for us, Indonesian :) As far as I see through the website, the color there didn't match as in real product. They were too pink! ( You can see my previous picture above as for reference for color : 01 Ivory )

Indonesian -or I may say Asian- often has a warm or yellow undertone color. My advice, you should see and check them by yourself if you plan to buy this product!

Except from the wrong color display in the website, I found all of the shades were just sooo lovely for Asian skintone. They all has a yellow undertone color. Mine as the lightest shade still got the warm undertone color which is a huge plus! << often, ivory shade has a cool or pink undertone color :)

Texture & Quality of the Product itself
If I had to compare with the similar items from Maybelline ( their powder foundation ), it feels softer and not as powdery as Maybelline's. Well, fraction of the cost prove it all! :D
And yes, I would say it's a better feel to me if I had to compare those two. Silkygirl feels more buttery, softer, and has a finer texture. great pigmentation as well.

As for oil control and coverage, I just felt it's almost the same though. I don't find any special thing in terms of that about this product. My oil is still seeping through to the skin for a good 3-5 hours. As for coverage, I rarely use this alone and often use this as my setting powder to my liquid foundation or liquid concealer to hide my blemishes. >> I have to hide my acne scars, because in the previous, I had a major breakout from Hada Labo Indonesia  :)

So, overall quality?
I find Silkygirl impressed me so far! I would say the huge plus point with this is their shade! It IS made for Asian skin and 01 Ivory is a perfect match for my skin. I'm in heaven! ♥
Well.. long term process, it says to contains good ingredients to the skin and promised to repair and restore skin's suppleness. Well, only time can tell for that! :D

So, considering to purchase this? I think you wouldn't be disappointed by their quality. ( Doesn't broke me out so far either ). And if you find your color match, welcome to the heaven with me! :D It's my favorite so far. It gives a silky and matte finish afterwards. See my previous FOTD using this --> click here!

To add, my favorite tool for applying this is a blush brush from ecotools.

 sorry for the dirty looking condition! lol.

it is tapered and dense enough so I can pat and push the product to the skin beautifully.
Love this brush! a must have shape of brush :)
see my old post about this ecotools brushes --> click here!

ADDED NOTE : if you want a maximum coverage from this product alone, you can use setting spray in between layer of application. It helps to make it last longer too! the order application would be >> setting spray - BB powder - setting spray - BB powder. ( however, more than 2 layer make it look cakey! )
But I wouldn't find it will hide blemishes completely until the end of the day ( in my oily base face, it could fade a bit ). And it's good to minimize the size of the pores ( fills in the pores ).



So, have you tried any Silkygirl product?
What is your favorite?
Let me know what you think!
I'd love to hear from you. :)
Good day all!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. I too am using silky girl magic bb cream foundation and have used the same product for a year now as it works great on my oily skin. Im fully content with this product and will continue to be loyal to this product until it stops producing. (hope it doesnt) plus, im not really a risk taker in finding other brands that could match with my skin as this one. Another thing that i like is that it doesnt burn my wallet like most other brands. I just want to know, im using it by applying concealer then applying the magic bb cream foundation as i find it still gives my look the right amount of coverage but from your opinion, is it still a must that i apply liquid foundation first then apply the magic bb cream foundation. I kinda get confused with the 'all in one magic bb cream powder foundation' printed on the packaging. Please reply me soon. In need of an assistance a.s.a.p! Thank you.

    1. sorry. just read your comments. :)

      hmm well.. it's all adjusting to your personal needs. you don't say about your skin condition btw, which making me guessing until now. If you find with only concealer and this powder on top gives you enough coverage, than why should you bother adding a liquid foundation??

      this powder is supposed to gives you a foundation coverage in a pressed powder, with adding other beneficial to the skin, that's why (kinda gimmicky though) they name it magic bb > blemish balm.

      see? foundation coverage + beneficial ingredients to the skin = magic bb powder foundation.

      you really no need to be confused. if you enjoy using this and you think it gives beneficial to your skin and wallet (haha).. then, it will do. :)

      i find this is a good product for me as well. as i still using it with only concealer to my acne scars + set with this powder on top (update for now). my breakout is getting better and i prefer not using liquid foundation in my daily routine so my skin can breathe.

      hmm i hope i answer your question though. kinda guessing with what you're trying to say, but.. tried to help here. :D

      and just get back at me if you still got any questions :)


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