Friday, October 26, 2012

These things.. waiting to be reviewed! ( a Mini Collective Haul of October ) ☺♡♡♡

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you have a splendid time!
& Happy Eid Mubarak for you who celebrate :)

Thought I won't be able to make a full post review lately, I guess this is just my quick post about one or two things that I manage to get recently and I couldn't wait ( myself ) to make a review! woohoo! And these are particular chosen items that most make me excited!! `\( o^.^o)/` yeyyy!

( clockwise order )
Masami Shouko Eye Brushes
 Garnier Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll On

*wee.. I'm so happy with what I've got! :D*

That's all will be on my waiting list.
Hope you can keep up with my blog!
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oya, some refresh new - preloved items on my Blog Sale is up!

Have a great day all!
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Smile :)

UPDATE another newest haul :
My recent PAC November SALE haul + swatches
See my friends gave me as for my Birthday gift ( The Body Shop goodies! )
My Xmas Swap Package December 2012


  1. banyak PR nya..semangat dear!!^^

    1. ahaha iya, dewii! semangat semangatt! \(^.^)/ thank youu :D

  2. Ngiler sama purederm dan masami, btw harga purederm berapaan ya?

    1. aku beli di watsons. harga promo 20rb (20sheets), kalo beli barang di watsons > 40rb. harga normal puredermnya 40rban kalo ga salah. tapi sayang kalo aku bilang sheetsnya makin poor quality dear :(

  3. Face on Face nya bisa beli di mana ya tuh? berapaan? >.<
    can't wait for the review :D ~~

    1. yey! me too! hope i can make the review soon! aku dapet dari event Skin Aqua as a gift. iyaa, masi susah dicari si Face on Face ini :(


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