Monday, December 3, 2012

Open Box : My Xmas 2012 Swap Package from Lina ♡☃❄

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Can you feel the holiday air already?
Ah.. me so excited! :D

So.. in case you didn't know, Shasha or missbelanjaonline was kindly enough to collect us together and hold a Christmas Swap Project to us, fellow Indonesian Beauty Bloggers. To go see her original post --> click here!

Knowing that I couldn't miss this joyful moment with other fellow beauty friends, that's why I joined and got paired with Lina or ceriwis sana sini soal cewek...  
After that, we finally contacted each other through e-mail and moreover chit chatting through blackberry messenger about what kind of product & budget that we're gonna spend.

And it was me that came out like : "Hey, what about only local makeup product this time? It should be interesting! :D" Also, I guess it's a perfect time for me, or even her, to more explore about our local cosmetics and beauty treasures.

TODAAY.. my box just came in and I had a chance to post this quick glance for what's Lina have got for me.


Here you go!


First of all, she sent me this bunch of Viva Cosmetics stuff..

 clockwise order :
Pelembab with UV Filter & Extract Bengkuang
Pelembab ( under make up )
Hand & Body Lotion mengandung moisturizer
Hand & Body Lotion Bengkuang mengandung ekstrak bengkuang & UV Filter
Lipstick no. 50
Lipstick no. 51
Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover
Compact Powder Kuning Pengantin
Compact Powder Natural Tropical 

 From Wardah Cosmetics line :

( left - right ) :
Make Up Remover
Eyeshadow D

 Maybelline Baby Lips in Energizing Orange

OVALE Face Rejuvenation with Apple Oil & Vitamin E

She also sent me this hair and face mask in sachet :
( left - right ) :
OVALE Facial Mask in Yam Bean
Ellips Hair Mask in Smooth & Shiny
MAKARIZO Hair Energy Anti Aging Creambath with Kiwi Extract for Colored Hair

Along with this *unyu2* stuffs :P

 Nail Art
Nail Accessory 3D Design
& a hair tie



  Hmm.. okay,  where do I start ya? haha.. I was meant to get only makeup items at first ( no skincare items, because I carefully selected them by myself now >,<" ), and quite surprise that it was more than just lipstick, blush and eyeshadow ( that 3 types of makeup like what I thought in my mind at first >,<" ) Instead, Lina get me a full treatment from hair to toe! 
oh well.. haha.

 To me not because I didn't like them, but maybe because I just never had a chance to try them. and these were all new to me. But to be honest, maybe one or two thing that really missed if you willing to get it for me :( was like the shade of compact powder that really isn't suit my skintone color. hehe
But I'm most excited to try that Wardah eyeshadow trio that has a gorgeous color just looking at them from the pan! :D




 Okay that's it.
 Thanks Lina for being a great Swap Partner.
I hope we can still continue to keep contact each other and a lot more chit chatting through bbm ya!
Hope you like the stuff that I get you! >,<" *finger cross*  

Have a great day all!
Wish you all the best holiday ever!
Spirit of Christmas! yey!

FOR UPDATE --> Here's the link to what I gave to Lina for Christmas Swap >> click here! 



  1. Iya fel....
    Hope u like it...
    T.T iya pas beli viva nitip temenku soalnya...
    Useless yach...sorry....
    Yach mudah2an kamu cocok..sebagian barang kujuga pernah cobain dan kaya masker gt malah ku rutin pake...
    Ovale juga di aku gak masalah dan ada ku review juga malah.... >.< Aku juga sensi biasanya kulitku...
    Nb:lol waktu baca unyu2..wkwkk ber alay ria..yuuuk mariii...wkkwkwkk.....

    Gak sabar nunggu paketku...xixixiii.....
    Nice post fel..... :)

  2. I haven't heard or seen these products yet but they look promising! Can't wait for your individual reviews on them! Thanks for sharing!


    1. ehehe working on it, jem! thx for dropping by ya :))

  3. Replies
    1. have u done a review on that sha? would love to see your thought first then :D hehehe.. *langsung jalan2 ke blog shasha*


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