Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Last Minute Halloween Makeup Look! HINT : *miauw! :D

Hi bubblies!
How's your Halloween?
Is it Spooky. Is it Cute? :P
Well, hope you had a blast! :D

Break a bit from writing a review, I'll just share my Last Minute Halloween Makeup Look!
Seriously, this is all came out all of a sudden. When I'm just planning to go to the gym and do Body Combat, it's apparently a Halloween Special Class at Celebrity Fitness La Piazza.

haha. Please don't judge on how it turn be. or how sloppy the application is >> it's really in a rush! >,<"
No extra preparation, just a thing that I got in my makeup bag. And I know it's bad. BUT, really fun to share with you guys! Since I never do a costume-y makeup transformation ( well.. i should do this more often in the future! *addicted! :P ) I'm just imagining a cat look with its famous long lashes, whiskers and nose.

 my liquid liner is dried out! >,<" that's why so many failed lines on the whiskers there. *lol 
any recommendation for a good liquid liner, anyone? I need to get a new one! ^^

me and opel

LOL at opel!! ☟☟
 one more..
*mampus lo gw pajang*

 The three instructors were the BOMB! lol.

Woops! I guess that's all :P
It's just a quick post because I feel so busy lately. And sorry for the lack of posting >,<"

But no worries, more to come in the future!
Just hit me on twitter if you need info of an update post or my rambling words of wisdom!
Love to make friends with you all ^______^

Have a great day!



  1. Cute koq, Fel >.< hehe
    kalo liquid liner yg plg tahan sm oily lids aku sih k-palette.

    1. ahaha thx adel! iyaa, i've also heard a lot about k-palette. i think i'll give it a go :P thx for the recommendation yaa :))

  2. Waaahh. Feli kenal Opel ya?
    berasa dunia sempit. :)

    1. ahaha he's one of my good friends since junior high! cella kenal darimana? yup. dunia sempittt :P

  3. tadinya mau minta tolong foto bareng sama instrukturnya,tapi berhubung tampang udah jelek gara2 keringetan,ya sudahlahtak jadi haha. anyway, minta izin copy foto hovin didi eva,ya? hehe (^^ゞ

    1. ahaha yoan! you should take a picture with them! kan setaun sekali doang :P silahkann :))


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