Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sigma Haul!

 After such a long waiting and dreaming.. 
The moment comes..


I can get my hands on this babies!!


First of all, it's been really a debating with myself 
Whether I really do need it or just want it? 
Should I get it or just let it?
 You know.. a thought that, "Working with what you've got and improve your skill instead rather than loaded with all the expensive stuff."  
Yep, it's my dilemma.

After a lot of thinking and considerations.. 
Heck, I should get it. This anxiety itself really bothers me. 
*My curiosity beats all*  

And finally.. 2 days ago, I encourage myself to made an order through online shop on facebook called Makeup Brush ( link to her site : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002195212801 )

Since I never like preorder items, and thank God she still had ready stock items to the collection that I want the most ( which is 12pcs essential kit with the container and normal size brush --> no no for travel size, all my previous brush is in travel size --_--" ), And here it is what she still got at the time ( I've been narrow it down into 2 ) :
- Make Me Cool from Make Me Up Collection ( 12 essential brush with container, classic professional collection with natural and synthetic bristles, in color blue )
- Mr. Bunny from Vegan Collection ( 12 essential brush with container, new high tech Sigmax HD fibers which makes it all synthetic bristles, in color classic black )

Ow, which one should I choose?

Pro from classic collection ( natural + synthetic bristles ) :
  • I always love the application from blush brush, powder brush, blending brush, and eyeshadow brush from natural bristles. Also, I'm curious with the classic stippling brush which were made by mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, since I never have one. 
  •  I would feel that natural bristles will split out differently than the synthetic one. Take example the blush brush, I would feel good if it made from natural bristles which has a wider range of spreading than the dense synthetic bristles from vegan collection.
  • And I feel like we can sort of form a characteristic from natural bristles into shape we like and usually do.
Pro from fiber bristles :
  • The bristles will be more dense, good for the purpose of pencil brush, contour brush, small angled brush, eye shading brush, and eyeliner brush.
  • The bristles will not absorb product, also making it easier to clean.
  • All brushes can be use to pack liquid & cream, as well as powder.
  • And oh ya, another plus point, vegan-friendly, CRUELTY FREE. I'm not saying natural bristles will always hurt an animal, but definitely synthetic will making it far from those thing that could happen to an animal.

Hmmm.. Don't you feel the same? Am I thinking too much? 
Yea. as I'm writing this, I get a headache. >.<"

 Bottom line is, my perfect type of brush will be mixture of those 2 collection in one kit.
Well, what can I say? Too much if I wanting those two.

Here is a thought : 
- Sigmax collection which has the same type of bristles with the Mr Bunny collection had so many positive reviews in terms of quality and performance
- Mr. Bunny is a newer collection than classic professional collection. And I bet they making some improvement and test before they launch their newest line.
- In terms of availability, I will choose the black one which look more timeless and professional for me to use. ( although Mrs. Bunny so hard to resist with the cutest baby blue and pink colour. arrgggh )

Look at that!
*nose bleed*

 OK. I've made my mind.
No more silly me talking to my own head anymore.
 Mr. Bunny essential kit is what I choose :)
 The blue container will get easily dirty on me, anyway.

and.. tadaaa!

( more info from the official site : http://www.sigmabeauty.com/Mr_Bunny_Essential_Kit_p/bbla.htm )

It came today, and I love it even more!
Truly a high quality product.
Even more beautiful in real than in a picture.
The softness totally blew me away.
Such an investment for having it.

I got E25 free travel size blending brush because of purchasing this set

it's from natural white bristles! yay!

and I also purchase the F05 - Small Contour Brush to answer and fulfill my need of the natural bristles ( also the type that I don't have in this kit )

( more info from the official site : http://www.sigmabeauty.com/Small_Contour_F05_p/f05.htm)

The comparison size of all :

F05 - 5 Face Brushes - 7 Eye Brushes - E25

The price that she gave to me :
Mr. Bunny essential kit = IDR. 1120000rupiahs ( around $112 US Dollar )
F05 Small Countour Brush = IDR. 150000rupiahs ( around $15 US Dollar )
shipping IDR. 6000rupiahs ( around $0.60 US Dollar )

My thoughts :
Having this set is such a privilege. Crack down the price, I don't think Sigma brushes considered as pricy. Well of course it cost me around $130, but the brush cup holder costs about $20. So, $110 for 14  GOOD QUALITY brushes. 1 brush is around $7 or $8 !! 
And, if you love makeup or just starting to learn makeup, all of this brushes are gonna be useful. You'll gonna need it. That's why it's called essential collection :)

And to be honest, the downside? Yea. I still think that blush brush and stippling brush gotta be made like the classic collection. I will be more thrilled to have the blush brush made of natural bristles, stippling brush made of mixture natural and synthetic bristles. I find this all synthetic stippling brush is too mushy and limp. :(
About the powder brush? wow, I change my mind. This is well made stuff. The bristles does it's purpose well even though it is more dense than the natural bristles one. Soooooo fluffy and crazily soft, maybe the softest from them all.


 After all.. If I already spend my money on it, I wanna make the best of it.
I love makeup and I hope I can always improve my skill.
I know, I'm still learning..

Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 

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