Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

aahh.. love is in the air! love is in the air!
Do you guys even know what is Valentine?
Actually, there is plenty of stories related to St. Valentine and their (Yup, not just one!) sacrifices as a symbol of love.  Those St. Valentine died because of  their good  heart toward others & loved ones, on (i believe) 14th of February.  And i know one story that explain why St. Valentine become famous and hundred years from then we still celebrating his honour. Here you go..
Long time ago, there was a priest named Valentine or Valentinus. He was beheaded for protecting Christians from the Romans. Because at the time he was considered as a  traitor or dissident, He was jailed and got executed. But, he fell for his jailer's daughter and sent her plaintiff love notes signed "from your Valentine".
And the famous letter “from your Valentine” suddenly become a symbol of love and romance. Nowadays, the custom was marked by giving red roses, chocolate hearts or by sending valentines card. For some crazy in love couples, they celebrate the day by romantic candle light dinner. :D
To me, what I usually do during Valentine's Day? Of course i got a plan.. Eating a BOX of free chocolate! muahaha.. *oops. :P Well, eventhough i don't have any "special friend" to celebrate the Day of Love, this time i can share all my love to people around me. Good thing rite? :)
So, go and spread the love! My wishes to all of you! 

Good day all!
Smile :)

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