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☮Review : Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara☮

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Here's my review for the :
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
I believe Max Factor is one of the famous drugstore cosmetic brand in UK, and one of their famous product is the mascara.

Do I like it? 
Is it a good mascara?
Please read carefully as I pointed and talk through the pros and cons.
Because I wouldn't say it's good, or bad :)


☆ The Packaging ☆
It's sturdy, but rather bulky for my taste. It's nice to grip to, but not a travel friendly, I guess. Because it needs extra space.

Comparison with other Maybelline Mascara

Another thing that I don't like, the writing in the packaging is easily washed. Actually.. mine is already completely gone. -_-" Y U GONEEE?!

☆ The wand ☆

Actually, this is my first ever rubber wand I use as for mascara. As you can see, the bristle space is more sparse and "in form" than the synthetic bristle type of mascara.

It's also a flexible type of wand. Very limp, actually.

☆ The Formula ☆

The color is so black and I'm pretty impressed by that. But the texture that kinda disappoint me. It's gooey and runny at the same time. >,<"

You need to be careful everytime you tried to use this. It could be all over the place! >.<"

When it's wet.
It also needs more time to set and dry than my other mascara. which sometimes it could be annoying.

When it's dry. 
I wouldn't say it's glossy finish, neither matte. It's just perfect for adding glow for lashes, I guess.

☆ The Performance ☆
Truth is, I'm not impressed by this mascara at first. When it applied, it also could transfer into lid or other place because the texture is gooey and runny, also need more time to set.
But good thing, this is a waterproof formula ( which I prefer more ). And when it set, it doesn't smudge on me and even survive after gym or a shower. It stays put! :D

sorry for the creepy angle. 
It's the sake for the proven picture! lol.
2 coats of mascara
The picture shows how it lengthening and curl up my lashes. 
But not so volumizing, I'd say. It just "grouping" lashes so it look more noticable, but not volumizing.

 no mascara                              2 coats of mascara

 See? this angle shows it do nothing for volumizing my pathetic Asian lashes.
It only darken the lashes and "group" them. >,<"

  no mascara                                          2 coats of mascara

  no mascara                            2 coats of mascara

 Hem. yeah. I don't impressed by that either.


But you know what?
I like this a lot lately. :P

Because one thing that I like, the formula is not gonna make my lashes clumpy. 
I always use this mascara AFTER I use another volumizing mascara that tend to get clump. This mascara even could separate the clumpy lashes and gives more length and curl up my lashes to the sky. no joke. lol.
So.. I use this mascara as the "doubling mascara".
After I found this trick, I never go back to use only one mascara. 
I always use this mascara on top of any volumizing mascara that I use earlier.

Like I told you first.. I don't find this a good mascara ( to wear it alone ), but I find a way to make it work and use this as my "doubling mascara", and it work tremendously useful for my lashes.



So, have you tried this mascara? 
How do you like it?
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. I'm using the fusion one, and so far it's good anyway, I love that one!

    1. hmm maybe i should check that one too! thx for letting me know :)


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