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Review Local Brand : Mustika Ratu Cem Ceman Hair Oil

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This is my review from our local brand, Mustika Ratu by DRA Mooryati Soedibyo, which is :
"Hair Oil Cem Ceman"
 through the name, it still keeping Indonesian which makes me proud :D

So, basically this is a hair oil that was meant to shines your hair the true color of your hair. Made from pure coconut oil, traditionally processed with special leaves & aromatic spices to shine your hair, maintain hair's blackness and helps maintain the hair strong.

How to use :
Apply on your hair and scalp one hour before shampooing or at night before bed.

Ingredients :
Cocos nucifera ( Coconut ) Oil, Elaeis guineensis ( Palm ) Kernel oil, Aleuritas moulccana Seed Oil, Lawsonia inermis ( Henna ) Extract, Eclipta alba Leaf Extract, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor OIl, Cananga odorata Flower OIl, Jasmimum officinale ( Jasmine ) Flower Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate. 

Price & Place to get :
 For 175ml of product, it will cost you only IDR. 18000-20000 rupiahs ( around $ 1.80-2.00 US Dollars ). Crazy affordable isn't? Last you quite a looong time for this.
And you can get it in supermarket nearby, Mustika Ratu counter, or I bought mine at Diamond - Mal Artha Gading >> stumbled upon this while doing grocery shopping with mom :P
or online buy at this store -->


 Actually, choosing this hair oil because I've ran out of my trusty little oil --> Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair which I've been raved about earlier. Instead purchasing another, so I decided to try new things. And I've heard a lot about the miracle from coconut oil for hair as well. This local brand captured my eyes while choosing because it still keeping the traditional and natural ingredients in it, which I like.

It has a dispense like so :
 Personally, I don't like the packaging. Well.. pump is so much better because with this, you can spill the oil easily and leave the bottle sticky and slide as well. Plus, you can't control the amount of oil you're getting everytime you pour them to your hand.

The oil has a hint of the green color. Ohya btw, the plastic bottle is a transparent color, so the color is true from what you see through the packaging.

My review after about 2 weeks of using..
Remind again, this is just an oil that was meant to keep the hair shines, making it look healthy and keeping the natural color of your hair. >> they even stressed out the "blackness" of your hair. As I do naturally have black hair and the image of Indonesian healthy hair sounds like : "The more black, the more healthy it look." :/ 
So.. so so sorry that I got no words for another colored hair :(

2 weeks of using is enough for me to see the result.

First week of trying by applied them before I washed and shampooed my hair :
My hair is unlike my face, it's very dry and matte. -_-" my face is super oily btw and sometimes it look glowing  #JokeToSelf -_____-"
For my hair situation, ( please read this link first --> Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair), I always blow dry my hair everytime I washed it ( fyi: blow drying hair could stripped off your natural oil which make your hair dry and frizzy ). So, bringing back the softness of my hair is by putting oil based serum and I find it works best for me. 
Does it making it look more healthier? I CAN'T SAY MUCH. Because I wouldn't say I see a dramatic result for my hair now. It supposed to nourishes scalp as well to make it stronger and healthier for a new grown hair. SO, it's a long process to be reviewed, I guess :)
Hence, by applying them that way, the oil got washed off after shampooing.. and that's not as what I needed for my situation. :(

..Still keeping my review and I go differently to see how far can I go with this..

Second week of trying by applied them after I washed my hair, with a damp hair, like a heat protectant, before blow drying my hair :
Usually with this situation, I only put it in the end of my hair, where it mostly dried and damaged. I would say it protect and make my hair soft and shiny. But the downfall is like other oil based serum I've tried, unlike the Skin Food Argan oil, it leaves an "excess oil feeling -almost sticky-" even after I blow dry them. It could be bad, it could be good.. but if that the case, I desperately need to wash my hair more often than I normally do.

Last word.. I'd say it's a good product. Like any traditional and natural ingredients medication, took longest time to see the result. BUT, it's what the best and the result is never disappointing. So, if you care for your black beautiful hair for a longer term, this maybe your answer from heaven. :P

That's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. aku suka ini! :D berhubung rambutku gak pernah di blow pake hair dryer jadinya sejauh ini ngaruh banget bikin rambutku less frizzy & kering..
    cumanya aku cuma pake di setengah rambut sampe ujung aja gak pernah dari akar abis langsung ketombean karna kulit kepalaku cenderung berminyak.. :)

    1. wah.. sounds good yaa :D aku juga lagi pake terus.. moga2 bisa ampuh deh. enaknya murmer lagi ya :P thx for sharing :)

  2. aku ga pernah pake hair oil abis rambutku super berminyak T_T kalo keramas pagi sorenya udah berminyak lagi, keramas malem bangun pagi udah berminyak lagi T.T tapi yang masalah diujung rambutnya kering, kadang bercabang malah ><
    boleh dicoba nih murah lagi xD thanks for sharing ^^

    1. wah, kondisi rambut bisa beda2 ya.. hmm.. denger gt mungkin rambut km belom ketemu sama shampoo n conditioner yg cocok mungkin? atau sering2 hair mask + creambath tuh kadang ngebantu banget. hehe you're welcome dear! murce :P

  3. Wah,aku juga baru make ini nih! Awalnya gk tertarik,karena trauma sama produk2 yg omdo,tapi krn penasaran akhirnya aku beli disupermarket,dan harganya murah,langsung aku coba dan karena gk sabaran aku cmn nunggu 45menitan trs keramas pake sunsilk soft and smooth,trs pake condi bilasan santan,setelah itu pake zwitsal hair lotion yg natural,dan hasilnya WOW! biasanya rambutku frizzy2 gt dan ngembang gk sehat, pas pertama kl pake cem2an dan bilasan santan,rambutku jd halus dan frizzy nya berkurang,trs rambut jd terlihat lebih sehat, ya semoga bisa bikin rambutku bagus deh hehe^^,btw review nya bagus sis,thank you ya :))


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