Sunday, September 30, 2012

☆☆☆ LUX White Collection Launching Event Part 2 : #MomentBerkilau ☆ ☆ ☆

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope it's magical!☺

So, last Thursday I was so lucky to be one of beauty blogger that got invited into  
LUX White Collection Launching Event.

It was placed in Grand Ballroom Dharmawangsa Hotel with the theme of
"Dazzling White"
I really like the decoration of the room that they created. It was elegant, chic and dazzled with lots of Genuine Czech Crystal as the symbol of the main product that I'm gonna talking about after this. It's just, the atmosphere of the room is so.. precious :)

Moving on to the main event and introduction of the product..
Through kind of a talk show, the spoke person that mainly explain the product are Afriani Karina ( Senior Brand Manager Lux Indonesia ), Roslina Verauli ( psychologist ) and a guest from Preciosa Company, Kucera Vojtech representatives of the Genuine Czech Crystal.

There were also introduced to us 5 beautiful girls that represent "Wanita Lux Putih Berkilau" according to each of the accomplishment they make. They are :

Lala Karmela ( Singer )

Alanda Kariza ( Student and Youth Activist )

Andra Alodita ( Photographer and Lifestyle Blogger )

Stella Rissa ( Fashion Designer ) & Fitria Yusuf ( Fashion Entrepeneur and writer of fashion and beauty ) >> that couldn't make it to come that night.

 They were all so glowing & gorgeous, right?! :D

In the middle of the talk show, LUX also asking us about our own #Moment Berkilau, so the host is asking 3 of the blogger to go on stage and write their own story when achieving a glowing moment.

anita putri from

☆ The Star of the Show ☆

With this chance, LUX is promoting their 2 body washes on how to make your skin even radiant and glowing. They are :

 LUX White Radiance
for fair, glowing skin
ingredients : mulberry extract, honey & crushed shiny pearls
fragrance : floral scents > lily of the valley, rose, jasmine + fruity scents > musk and vanilla

 LUX White Glamour
for fair, smooth skin
ingredients : mulberry extract, honey & microcrystals 
fragrance : floral scents > rose and freesia + fruity scents > citrus and amber

*As you can see, there are plenty of micro-pearls / crystal in it. But don't worry, the particle were so fine so it doesn't feel harsh and won't feel like scrubbing your skin all the time.
*The smell were all so nice! My personal favorite maybe the Lux White Glamour scents :)
*Doesn't dry out your skin afterwards.
( Ok, that's just my first impression of the product :D )


In the end of the day, I'm just happy I could meet all other beauty and fashion bloggers that I usually only see virtually and get a chance to make some new friends!

 kattie from
emily from
stevia from

 letvia from
carnellin from
clara priscilla from
carryn from

rini cesillia from
endi feng from
gabby pali from
silke gianti from
bella from

and a goodie bag from LUX :)

once again, thanks LUX for inviting me! :D


See you in my next post!
and thanks for reading my blog! ♥
Good day all!
Smile :)

To See Part 1 : My FOTD + OOTD of the event --> click here!


  1. wahh sabunnya udah di bongkar"aja isinya ,aku belumm hihi >.<,congrats for best dress nya ya ^_^


    1. haha iyaa buat info product ajaa. hehe thank you again viaa :)

  2. wah itu ternyata kmu yg menang tohhhh~ congrats congratssss ^^

    salam kenal ya^^

  3. Keren banget... Sayang sekali, saya ga dateng. Baca emailnya telat. Btw, ada beauty dan fashion blogger yang cowok juga ga ya?

    Salam kenal ya.

    1. kalo setau aku kita yg beauty blogger punya endi feng sama franky wu. coba search deh mereka kocak and super talented! :)

  4. ohh trnyata yg menang best dress itu cece ya?
    ga kenalin abisnyaa xD

    1. dtg kok ce.. ada d foto d atas yg bareng gaby dkk.. aku yg paling kiri :p

    2. omg! i wonder who is she! ahaha so sorry dear. makanya aku kosongin :P i'll update with your link ya.. (if u don't mind) :D

    3. of course I don't mind ce.. hihi.. Thank you <3


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