Wednesday, September 5, 2012

✌2in1 Review : Baby Pink Lips by Indonesian Local Brand✌

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope everything stays fabulous! :D

So, this is 2 in 1 review because I've been loving these pink lippies lately.
yey! \(^.^)/

PAC Lip Gloss Refill No. LG-03 B - left
Sariayu DUO Lip Function K-02 Kelimutu - right

♥ PAC Lip Gloss Refill No. LG-03 B

Actually.. I got this for free from attending the IBB First Jakarta Gathering the other day, and I manage to play one of the game in the event. and this is as a gift for joining it. ( so, thanks a lot to Mada Foe & Stella Lee as the host that day and giving me this! :P ) 
And truth to be told.. after I got this, I kinda forgot about it. huff :/ 
BUT, lately been reaching for this for quite a while, because..

Let's see swatches below! :D
( indoor artificial lighting )

Honestly, after I touch it.. I almost surprise by the nice texture it has. It is so creamy, buttery and pigmented. The pigmentation almost like a liquid lipstick. It doesn't feel sticky at all on the lips. The color is so beautiful as well *_* I would describe it as milky strawberry shake! 
( ok, I'm hungry while writing this.. -_-" lol. )

Aside from the buttery texture and easily melted on my hands for the application, I was impressed because it stays in the jar for pretty much perfect condition. It doesn't spill or moving or anything even though I almost carried this in my makeup bag.

Lip Swatches Time! :)

It's a buildable color. As you applied more, it will make your lips look bigger and more plumper look. Also the color look more opaque.

 first applied ( sheer ) :

adding more color :

About the staying power, well.. it's easily wash off and could fade throughout the hour ( hence, I wear it when I go out when I eat, talk, drink.. nonstoply! >,<" ) 
It's also not a drying formula but if you applied it sheer, it will accentuate the crack lips you have ( because it has a glossy finish on the lips ).

♥ Sariayu DUO Lip Function K-02 Kelimutu

I got this because of attending the Sariayu Martha Tilaar Eastern Inspiration

Okeh. If this a stationery set, I've been imagining this as a pencil and eraser. TWO different things, but yet need each other to function, and always had their back. hmmm.. lol.

 Instead, it's a set of lipstick and lipgloss that compliment each other.

Let's see swatches below! :D
( indoor artificial lighting )

I would describe the lipstick color like a bubblegum pink. It also has a bubblegum scents to it! yumm!! ( It's literally making me hungry now. damn. >,<" ) It's a satin finish and a buildable color as well. The texture is almost waxy, but it goes on smoothly and nice on the lips.
For the lipgloss, it's like a clear gloss with a hint of pink and has a multiple shimmer color. So pretty! The texture more on the sticky side though, but doesn't bother me too much.

 They do compliment each other pretty well and beautiful on the lips.

Lip Swatches Time! :)
 ( sorry I took the picture at night :P )

without gloss :

with gloss :

About the staying power, well.. it's pretty decent like any typical lipstick and gloss. The lipstick more on the drying formula on my lips, though. That's why I always put the gloss on top, to set the lipstick on my lips as well.

 One thing that need to mention, the lipstick is staining :/
I leave it at my hand not long, and it already stained. I only wipe it with a tissue though. And I believe it will be gone with a makeup remover.
I don't know if it's bad or good since lipstain is quite popular nowadays. :/
Well.. It's not a lipstain, but a lipstick that stained. Is it good? 
hmm.. do let me know what you think! :)

That's it my "productive" review. lol.
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. Kelimutunya cakep yah warnanya~ Amazed juga dia langsung stain.. Hmm, jadi pengen beli.. ^_^

  2. haha iya.. warnanya aku paling suka dr series Sariayu yg duo lipstick ini.. bagus2, phanie! you definitely should try one :D

  3. Replies
    1. ahahaha maap saya yg jadi tukang racunnya *_* iya, kalo iseng aja liat2 ke counter buat nyoba2, warnanya bagus2 :P

    2. kalo racunnya kayak gini masi rela deh hihihi

  4. Waw, warna kelimutunya cakep bangeeeettttttt harus coba nih kayanya! hihiii


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