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☆ Review : NYX Eyebrow Shaper ☆

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Okeh. Who else addicted to perfecting eyebrows lately? *me!* ahh.. I hope you too, giiirl! :P In a serious amount of time, I'm guilty as charge to not ever do anything to my eyebrows. Even at some point, I'm just hopeless with the way it look naturally. -___-"

But until one day, I look at my night out pictures and woah.. the flash photography completely washes off my brows! and definitely I look sooooo old without them! 
boohooo.. :(

After that, my only concern is only to fill them in, even for daily makeup. Moreover, I like to correct the shape. Because I can see, if you getting use to it, a perfect or suitable eyebrows for your face shape is making you look more polished, youthful and fresh! :D

For that, a polished eyebrows need more stuff to keep them in place.
And this is a review for..
NYX Eyebrow Shaper

"Tame unruly eyebrows with this ingenious wax pencil. The blend of waxes is enriched with Vitamin E and leaves arches in tip-top condition and impeccable shape, with just a few strokes."

source from NYX official website --> click here!

Basically, this is an eyebrow wax that was placed in a pencil form.
 And if you're wondering about the size :

the length

 the width
as a comparisonIt's definitely the same size like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. So, no worries of sharpening it!
You know you can sharpen them with a crayon sharpener that can be bought in the stationary store, right?! 
if you don't know yet, maybe that could be a great info for you ;P

The Ingredients
click the picture to zoom the writing

Unto the review..
Well, do I find this is a good product?
If you into a wax texture rather than a gel ( or type of clear mascara ) texture to set the eyebrows, I think you'll gonna love this.
I like the concept to make it in a really practical way of using. and it's definitely travel friendly! So very convenient and easy to use!

Tell a bit : I'm not used to use a wax eyebrows in the first place. This is my first time using this kind of product. Also, I don't have anything to be compared for the same type of product. With this, I also have some trial and error experiences for applying it.

What I like :)
It does set my bushy, untamed, and wild eyebrow hair in place for a good few hours. Maybe with this type of way of using ( pencil form ), it will give an effect to flatten the hair. Exceptional, you can comb it through with a spoolie brush afterwards to make it look more natural.

It's colorless and has a buttery consistency to make it glides so smoothly and effortlessly. Didn't give a shiny or plastic effect afterwards. Also, enriched with good ingredients to groom the eyebrow as it explain in the packaging.


What I don't like :( 
Sometimes I feel like this wax weighing my eyebrow hair down. Maybe because they are quite long as I never trim them. That's why, In the end of the day I feel like some of my eyebrow hair pointed down. Still in a neat direction and good shape by the way, but the inside hair ( where the most eyebrow hair length is ) look a little bit droopy.

Another thing, this thing runs so fast. I feel like I need to sharpen them everytime I need to use them. Moreover, sharpening this baby could waste the product as well.

And sometimes.. this wax unnecessary pluck the hair of my eyebrows :( well, 1-2 hairs in everytime feels like too much nowadays. lol.

I think this is one product that tough to beat, because not so many "competitor" out there that came out like this. It's come from NYX which dearly I adore the brand for the overall quality and prices. But, for this particular product, I believe more so many can be improved or maybe someday NYX could come up with a more innovative eyebrow product. who knows? :P

"This thing still I love, just not my holy grail product." With IDR.100000 rupiahs ( around $ 10 US Dollars ) that I bought at Indonesian multiply market, maybe I would consider to be more on the pricey side.


That's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. wah menarik belum pernah nyobain yang begini ><

    1. ehehe dicoba ditt! i wonder what you think about it :P

  2. nice cee, banyak denger soal ini tp belum kesampean beli :3

    1. ehehe.. banyak good reviewnya ya. di makeup alley aja ratingnya tinggi. i like it but not my holygrail so far :(

  3. Ini bisa bikin si pensil alis lebih tahan lama (gak cepat pudar) dan waterproof gak ya kalo kena hujan gitu?
    Btw aku baru sadar kalo jumbo pencil tuh gak bisa diserut walau pake serutan ukuran besar yg beredar dipasaran itu yah.. hahaha *dudul padahal udah beli tu serutan buat raut raut kalo nanti punya jumbo lip pencil atau jumbo eye pencil gitu ternyata kekecilan juga :p*
    thank you fel infonya :D

    1. iya, dill. kalo kamu pakenya before the powder, nanti si wax ini bakal embed the pigment and making it look sharper alias lebi tebel warnanya.

      waterproof, asal kamu ga usap2 setelah kena air (nanti si wax ini bisa moving).

      eh bisa kok, aku pakenya serutan beli di gramed kok. murce. serutan crayon bilangnya :D


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