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Review + Swatches : Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze

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Oh finally! this is a long waited for me to finally get my hands to this thing!
 Well.. so many reviews out there that raved about the great staying power of this cream eyeshadow. They even had a bold statement to be compared : 
Wow. It's a daring one. So, I think aside from other may say and Maybelline's daring promotion, this would be my point of view for this thing. And I hope this would be helpful for you! :)

Maybelline Color Tattoo by EyeStudio
in 25 Bad to the Bronze

. lighting natural morning sunlight .

top view

bottom view

The Packaging
The packaging definitely look so prestige with a heavy duty thick glass plastic jar. It even look more expensive than the MAC or MUFE one, I guess. ( IMHO :P ) I believe with a good quality packaging, the inside product is gonna be well protected too. Good thing, right? :)

BAD THING is, this is quite heavy. Imagine if you want to carry all of the shades in your makeup suitcase. blah. Looks like you'll gonna carry a heavy duty weights! -_-" Another deceiving about the packaging is the thick glass jar make the product containing more than the actual content is.. *ciyuss? miapahh?* #PLAK.

It's a twist up lid.
Just make sure you always twist it good, so the product is well secure and not dried up so fast.

The color : 25 Bad to the Bronze

. lighting natural morning sunlight .

Swatches Time!

. lighting natural morning sunlight .

. lighting artificial indoor room light .

The Color & Pigmentation
There is something about a bronze color that we need one in our life. This is it? Well.. for now on, this maybe it! :D This is such a good eye base color or eye crease color, flattering for any eye color. Whether you want to do a nude simple eye look or dramatic eye smokey look! The color is a cocoa brown with red undertone color and subtle silver shimmer in it.

The pigmentation is also wonderful. With one good swipe, you'll get an opaque color like the picture above. In fact, with 14oz or 4gr of product containing in each of the jar, it will last you a looong time because you really don't need much for one time of usage of both eyes.

The Staying Power
This. is. awesome.
ahaha.. For a really good quality compared to the high price one, this is something that won't let you down. As I do have an oily eyelid, I'm not experiencing a creasing problem at all, as long as I remove them with oil base makeup remover in the end of the day! :D

BUT. I'm not gonna lie, in my previous trying out any base eye makeup, I rarely experiencing any creasing problem ( except if the product is horrible quality one ). And mostly, I'm experiencing a fading problem. And this thing does to me for approximately good 5-6 hours on my lid.

As for waterproof or water resistant formula, this thing will stay on! I mean, STAY ON even if you rub them hard when it's wet. Maybe loose a bit of the shimmer, but hey. GREAT STAY on the main color! *thumbs up*

Same thing for an overall staying power. After it set, it won't move or budge or smudge or anything.

After it set, I rub them hard.
The color is just stay put, while the shimmer may move and lose a bit.

Overall Thoughts..
I love how Maybelline come so far with this product. It is a great quality compared to the high price one. And it comes from a drugstore! And so far I'm satisfied with what I purchased. The sad thing is, this is still so hard to get in my country. And I have to pay double or even more the price than the price they sell in the US. With a help of local online shop, I have to pay around IDR. 130000-150000 rupiahs ( around $13-15 US Dollars ), while the original price in the State is only $ 5-7 US Dollars.

And after I open this for a month or so, this thing is still in a good shape and didn't dried up so fast in the jar ( another thing that scares me for a cream eyeshadow or gel liner product in the first place! ). And that's leads me to one another question.. 

How well is it gonna hold after it dried up in the jar? 
Anyone could help me with the question and share the story? 
It would be wonderful! :D


From now on, that's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. Aaa >< kirain uda ada di indo :( pengen banget, tapi beli online mahal yaa ><

    1. ahaha yes dear, wish we have it here :( jadinya muahal gara2 ongkir :D

  2. wah ini yg jadi favorit beauty guru di youtube kan? :D

    1. iyaa, gara2 itu jadi penasarann. tapi emang bagus staying powernyaaa :D

  3. aw..aku juga pengen beli yg ini say...beli dimana y??

    1. aku beli sama ol shop yg kurang rekomen nih, makanya ga aku cantumin. terlalu lamaaaa. hehe :))

  4. My fav drugstore products but man it is crazy to see that u guys are paying so expensive for it. I paid only around $4.50 because of discounts. I pretty much have al lthe colors cause i love it so much!

    1. awww! bummer for me. but it's good for you! ahaha.. you're so lucky could collect them all. wish they ship them here and sell to us with the same price! eugh. >,<"

  5. which shop did you purchased it from? My fav online seller for us drugstores is gone T^T

    1. oh why gone?? i got mine from not so recommended seller -_-". better looking for another one, and i'm still looking for it :)

    2. aaa sama.. online seller ku jg gone loh *le sumthin beaute* jangan-jangan sama kaya jane..padahal di dia color tattoonya murah pengen beli warna lainnya tapi entah harus cari dimana... -_-" nice review btw.. love love!! <3

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