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✌2in1✌ Review : Face on Face Two Way Cake in Vanilla Beige☆☆☆ (1/2)

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Okey. With no more long intro, this is my review for Face on Face ( a local makeup product produced by Rohto Laboratories Indonesia ) that I got from the event that I attended last time. read my full post about the event and how I get it --> ☆Event : Skin Aqua Beauty Talkshow☆

Face on Face Nourishing
Two Way Cake
in Vanilla Beige
Face on Face Nourishing
Blush On
in Blooming Rose

Face on Face Nourishing  
Two Way Cake 
in Vanilla Beige

The Packaging
I'm quite surprised by the first time I saw, the design doesn't look like most of other cheapy makeup product, but almost like a cutie baby product! *haha. I think it's so clever!* It's simple & cute, pretty straight forward, and feels innocent with a white and milky strawberry color as the main color.

However, it's mostly made from a lightweight plastic packaging. 
I'm not sure about the longevity of the material ( hope it strong enough to hold in my messy makeup bag! >,<" ), but one thing I notice that it could easily gets noticeably looks dirty.

They made it look so sturdy with the shape of the structure though.
And it has a push and snap button ( >> pink in the middle layer )

And there is a bottom layer where you can put the makeup sponge of your choice.
I think it's a HUGE plus thing, where the dirty sponge is need to be separated ( not just sit on top of the product which could easily transfer the bacteria into it )

The color : Vanilla Beige
Another think that caught my eyes is the color.
As you can see, it's a yellow beige color that has a rosey undertone color.
Problem with any other light color selection that I mostly see, somehow they prefer to put a slightly pinky color into it. Yes, it brightens up face. BUT, as far as I notice, it easily transfer too contrast or too cool on me. Possibly notice you wear a powder on your face?! well.. some may like, some may don't. it's a matter of individual preference, right? :) Overall, this is a good color for a light/fair skintone girl!

Added Note : For a "dead on-straight forward" WARM color YELLOW undertone powder foundation that I like --> Review : Silkygirl Magic BB Powder Foundation ♡♡♡

The Coverage & Staying Power
Moving on with the swatches, as well for pigmentation..
Sorry to say, I think it's not suit as "Two Way Cake" or they may explain a mixture of Powder + Foundation. The coverage is too sheer. And I only can use this as a setting powder to any of my base face makeup.

no primer. no base. lighting natural sunlight

 and that's the 2-3 layers on my hands.

Maybe the down side for me particularly is the sheer coverage and how it covers NOTHING to my blemishes ( if you wear it alone ). BUT, it has a GREAT oil control on me. Maybe the texture more on the dry side, so it absorb oil and shine like no other business. It does keep my face matte and shine free longer! :o

Also, I like how it does not crumbly much on the packaging when you sweep your brush into it. With 11gr of product, this will last for a good amount of time on me.

The Other Benefit 
You know I'm kinda hesitant at first to use any of Rohto Product >> I'm having a major breakout from using Hada Labo Indonesia :( , so that's why I always protect my skin with primer or my trusted makeup base underneath this product. And so far so good. I'm not experiencing a break out using this product for around 2 weeks of usage.

click the picture to zoom


click the picture to zoom

Recommended Usage
Apparently, you can use this formula as wet and dry. It explained, as for a foundation coverage you can use a wet sponge, and as for a powder coverage you can use a dry sponge. 

I never like to make any of my dry-pressed-compact-powder to be dipped into some liquid ( and I think it will just ruined the rest of the consistency in the packaging ). So.. sorry, for this time I won't bother to try and make a review that way :)
If you want, you can try this technique >> carve a small piece of the pressed powder, separate it into another clean container, then you can dipped it in with a wet sponge.


  1. Nice review ^^
    beli face on face dimana yah?
    itu keluaran rohto yah
    dikota ku yg terpencil ini sangat sulit menemukan kosmetik kaya gini -____-
    btw I following u :D

    1. aku juga nyari nih face on face kalo uda dijual. haha.. dia belom distribusi secara luas juga si ya. aku dapet pas dateng ke eventnya rohto. hehe.

      ow, thx a lot dearrr! :))

  2. Wah, u just whet my appetite to try on this brand :D, i hope it'll be available soon in Surabaya!

    1. yes, i do hope too! :D thx mindy for dropping by to my blog :D


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