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❄ ❄ ❄ Review + Swatches + Comparison : Wardah Eyeshadow Trio in D ❄ ❄ ❄

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So, here's my review for Wardah Eyeshadow Trio in D that I got through Christmas Swap with Lina this early month of December.

Wardah is Indonesian Local Brand that might more famous for their lipsticks series.  And I've heard a lot of good reviews for their good pigmentation of their matte lipsticks. ermm.. that oneday I need to have and try ya! Because until now, I never had a chance to tried them >,<"

But before that, I have this opportunity to get my hands to one of their trio eyeshadow and got a chance to make my full review.

To go to Wardah official sites :

❄ ❄ ❄

Wardah Eyeshadow Trio in D

natural day lighting

They have a total for 14 different shades for this trio.
With a range of price IDR. 35000-40000 rupiahs ( around $ 3.50-4.00 US Dollars ).

The Packaging 

natural day lighting
The overall packaging is sleek, small, sturdy and quite handy to travel with. Made from a thick clear plastic compact but feels lightweight at the same time. You'll get a small mirror there, a dual ended eyeshadow applicator, and a plastic film that supposed to protect each of the color's fall out and mess in the pan.

At the back of the packaging also written all of the ingredients list.
*click picture above to zoom in the writing*

Here's a closer look to the gorgeous colors in the pan :D

natural day lighting
left > a very pale pink with frosty finish
middle > a pink champagne with satin almost shimmer finish looking
right > a soft plum color almost matte but has microglitters in it

The Swatches 

no primer. no base. lighting under day sunlight -against the light-

no primer. no base. lighting under day sunlight -under the light-

no primer. no base. lighting under artificial light -inside room-

From the swatches, I believe they all have a satin finish.
They glide quite smooth and easy to blend or work with.
The pigmentation is sheer and or not as opaque as you would see in the pan. I need 2-3 swipes to achieve that color pay off.
The texture is tend to feel dry, powdery / chalky. and you would experience fall out working with this shadows if you use a brush. The texture more like a colored setting powder to be honest >,<"
And most of all, because of that.. the staying power of these shadows are so bad without a good primer or a sticky eye base underneath. They're tend to fade or gone-without-a-trace in my lid for like 3 hours -__-" 

❄ ❄ ❄

If I do have to compare, this trio reminds me a lot to the famous..
Yes. Almost have the same color theme to create a soft romantic & polish look.

Comparison Swatches to the closest colors
 no primer. no base. lighting under artificial light -inside room-

Wardah left color ( satin* ) - Too Faced Pink Cheeks ( matte with subtle shimmer* )
Wardah middle color ( satin* ) - Too Faced Satin Sheets ( iridescent* )
Wardah right color ( satin* ) - Too Faced Birthday Suit ( iridescent* )

[ * = finishes ]

But, the winning point for the Too faced shadows are they have an iridescent finish for some of the shades in the palette. Means, they quite unique with multicolor sheen if you spot it under light. fabulous! My camera doesn't do any justice, but you can see the changing sheen if you look it by yourself.

❄ ❄ ❄

All in All..
If you fall in love with these trio color from Wardah, you still can work with this after put on some good primer or base to make it last longer as an eyeshadow. The color to be honest is just beautiful by itself. BUT, the formula isn't the best through any other local brand that I have tried.

❄ ❄ ❄

That's it my review.
Do you have this trio?
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)


  1. aku juga punya ini Fel >.<

    pengen koleksi warna lain juga hehehe

    1. oya mell? haha.. i think the staying power is so bad btw. but i do love the colors. hehe thx uda main2 kemari ya darlingg *\(^.^)/*

  2. warnanya cantik^^

    1. iyaa, aku juga suka sama warnanya. tp kalo mau pake diakalin pake primer atau base supaya tahan lama. ehehe

  3. hai! i'm new here, makasih nih reviewnya.
    kalo boleh mau minta rekomendasi eyeshadow lokal yg pigmentasinya lumayan (let's be honest, local eyeshadow not always that good)
    makasih sebelumnyaa :)


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