Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm Top 5 Finalist December 2012 IBB Makeup Challenge! ❄ \ [ ^ _ ^ ] / ❄ wiii~~

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you have a magnificent day! :D

So, as you guys know.. In my previous post I'm joining December 2012 IBB Makeup Challenge with theme "End Of Year Party" << click here >> for my full post entry in case you missed it ^^

And it's been my beyond happiness to know that I'm in top 5!

And now with all due respect, I'm hoping that you could kindly vote for me.
If you like the look that I created or wanna show some support ^^

by clicking this link below :

and vote for no 4

Finalis #4: Felicia Permata Halim - Barbie goes to Party with Ke$ha ... playing with color Purple, Pink, and some Gold.

Thank You So Much to everyone who enter, join, or vote!
I'm having fun doing this. 

Have a great day all!
Just wanna say good luck as well to other contestants.
They all extremely good. 
Actually, I don't have a confidence at all, but I guess it's worth to try T.T
hehe.. XD

Lot's of
Feli :)


  1. Congrats ya ci Felii, emang bagus sih makeupnya ahaha xD

    1. ahaha thx ya mell! woohoo~~ \(^.^)/ & please vote for me if you like it yaa. aku juga suka bgt sm makeup yg kamu submit loo, and was wondering what falsies you're using dear? *sekalian nanya* hihi.. ^^


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