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☆ ☆ ☆ [ LUX Event 2nd Invitation ] : The Reveal of LUX White Giant Bottle With Crytals Preciosa ☆ ☆ ☆

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Before that, to go see the first LUX White Launching Event Report, simply click here : 
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☆☆☆ LUX White Collection Launching Event Part 2 : #MomentBerkilau ☆ ☆ ☆  

 For this second invitation, exactly at December 6th 2012, LUX invited me again to celebrate "A finally reached 1 MILLION success story" from all women with their own version of #MomentBerkilau.

In each of the inspiring story, LUX will add 1 Crystal Preciosa to be added into LUX White Giant Bottle as the symbol of their #MomentBerkilau. And by that, it means that LUX White Giant Bottle was already covered with 1 million Crystals Preciosa ( or more ) when they invited me again this time. ☆__☆ *bling bling*

❧❦ The Main Event ❦❧ 

Guess who is The Host of that day, ladies?

YUP. The Sexiest Funny Man alive in Indonesia!
Mr. Indra Herlambang! :D

Okay, I simply adore him because he is intelligently funny! 
* Well, at least in my personal point of view :P *

With a little chat and introduction, the host immediately invited the first speaker to start the show, Mrs. Eva Arisuci Rudjito, she is the Marketing Manager Skin Cleansing Category.

She also invited Anne Radmacher ( VP LUX Global ) to talk a little bit about the brand LUX and why crystals as the main ingredients to use this time.

Moving on.. the host invite another spoke person from LUX. She is Afriani Karina, also known as the Senior Brand Manager LUX. Came along with her, other 5 beautiful "Wanita LUX Putih Berkilau" to start the talkshow. They are :
  • Andra Alodita ( Photographer and Lifestyle Blogger )
  • Lala Karmela ( Singer )
  • Stella Rissa ( Fashion Designer )
  • Fitria Yusuf ( Fashion Entrepeneur and writer of fashion and beauty )  
  • Alanda Kariza ( Student and Youth Activist ) 

The talk show is mainly talking about the inspiring story from the very beautiful 5 girls by getting a beautiful white and glowing skin with LUX, they manage to achieve several more accomplishments and boost of confidence. And with the hope their story could inspire other women as well.

Now, the ballet girls come out and dance graciously as they represent the beautiful movement just like in the commercial that do the ice skating scene.

They come out as the LUX White Giant Bottle ready to be revealed..

*the curtain down, the fog burst out into the room*

and then.. finally! :D
The very precious LUX White Giant Bottle that already covered with Crystals Preciosa as the symbol of strength and inspiration to all women out there!

With all being said, this is also a great achievement for LUX to gather more than 1 million inspiring stories from women around the world.

The host now let Lala Karmela as the singer to perform a song that inspired by this LUX newest series, which is called "Berkilau".

With this chance, they also announced the 3 lucky girls that got the main prize, which is "A Dazzling White Cruise Holiday!" whoa! because they submitting their #MomentBerkilau stories to LUX official social media like & twitter @LUX_ID

Here are the 3 chosen questioner during the Q&A session that mainly from media news in Indonesia.

Still to pump up the room, they also invited another singer performance by  
*hold your breath, ladies!*

Marcell Siahaan

*_* me. #faint

Not forget to mention, here she is Kattie from as the best dress of that day and she is looking so dazzling in white! :)

And wrap up the show, all of them took a picture in front of the Giant Bottle itself.

5 wanita putih berkilau LUX

☆ ☆ ☆


That's about it the Event Report from me.
thanks again LUX for inviting! :D

See you in my next post!

Good day all!
Smile :)


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