Wednesday, December 5, 2012

♡❤♡ LATE Bday Gift : The Body Shop Goodies! ♡❤♡

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you stay fab & full of JOY ya!! :D

This is just to share -slash- little haul that actually my friends gave me as supposed to be my Bday gift. 
yeah. SUPER LATE! I know.


ahaha.. kidding guys! *love youuu*
I'm so very grateful to have youuu ^0^
I do! ☺

They know that I love beauty stuff, so they gave me goodies from The Body Shop!
ahh.. *me so happy!*
And if you already followed me on twitter, probably you've seen the sneak peak picture that I captured couple days ago.

TADAA! *happy dance*  \( ^.^ \ ) ( / ^.^ )/

It came along with the stuff that I can't wait to try and make a review for you guys ^  ^

3 mini sizes of beauty products :

They are :

Strawberry Shower Gel 

RainForest Shine Shampoo

Vitamin E Moisture Cream

And also..

Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

Not forget to mention, along with this fluffy cute shower puff :D

#buntel T.T

Waaa.. thank you thank you friendss.
*I can't mention one by one, but you know who you aree!*

Just let me know if you have a request item to be reviewed first and foremost.

Have a great day all!!
Lots of ♥,
Feli :)


  1. Vitamin E Moisture Cream ceee kayanya yummy tuh ce^^ hhihi

    1. ahahaha bereesss! ditampung masuk daptar ripiuw soon ya ryll.. ditungguuuu :D

  2. komplitnyaaa x( aku envy ... hihihiii

    follow back yah ceceee ~~


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