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❆ Review + Swatches Local Product : Odessa Eye Shadow Duo in 02 Pink & Rose Pink ❄❆

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Gotta admit. In the previous days, I'll always pass by the lines of local makeup counter at STAR Department Store, Mal Kelapa Gading. And didn't take a look much at our local cosmetics treasure that has been around. Ugh. gotta be honest, right?! >,<"

So, Odessa is at the same aisle like other produced locally brand like : Eternally, Studio Color, La Tulipe, LT Pro, Bless, or Moor's like you may more familiar with. They also pretty much have the same range of price.

 Is there any of you intrigued to buy a pink eyeshadow? 
Well, at first you may find pink powder shade in a blush, right? But, as an eyeshadow.. it could be a flattering color for brown eyes as well! A soft romantic look. So, why not? give it a try sometimes! :)
psstt.. again, you can double the function as a blush as well!
like what I do! as an alternative choice for a cheaper blush!
don't tell anyone about this. mkey?! it's a secret. *pinky promise* lol.

And this is a review for :
Odessa Eye Shadow Duo
in 02 Pink & Rose Pink

 There is also a full list of the ingredients in the back of the packaging.
*click the picture to zoom the writing*

The Packaging

 The packaging is a lightweight plastic packaging. It's a round shape, with silver rim and clear plastic on top. Pretty sleek design, kinda reminds me of L'oreal hip duo eyeshadow. The material pretty sturdy and safe to put in my messy makeup bag. I have no problem so far about it being cracked or crushed ( << and yes, sometimes I just threw it there >,<" ). Overall, it's pretty small ( approximately 5cm diameter ) and very practical.

  The Color, Texture & Pigmentation

in the color 02 Pink & Rose Pink
For this particular shade, the texture & pigmentation is kinda hit & miss to me.
Pink has a satin finish. It's a very beautiful color as a highlight, whether as an eyeshadow or a cheekbone highlight. A satin pale pink or champagne pink color, a bride wannabe kinda pink, if I may say. lol. However, despite the very beautiful color, the downside is the texture. It feels hardened, that's why so hard to swatch this with my finger and it just came out so sheer. I need to dig in or even scratch it with my nails if I want a better pick up with the powder.
Rose Pink has a satin finish as well. It's a cheerful rosey pink to me. Love this as a blush ( >> shimmery, glowy skin finish blush ) or even as a lid color on the eye. I find the color pay off for this is quite good. It's pigmented enough for my liking. But again the texture is pretty soft but being fragile, that you may find a little "dust" in the pan. It's so buttery & blendable, but too much fall out if you try to sweep it with a brush.

  The Swatches
 no primer. no base. lighting under day sun light.

Overall, I'm quite liking it. Not the best formula you may find, but you can work with it. The staying power also good. It stick to the skin nicely, I would say it last on my cheeks or eyelids for a good 4-5 hours without primer. Off course a primer underneath will help to make it last even longer and make the color more pop out.

Price Tag : IDR. 42000 rupiahs ( around $ 4.20 US Dollars ). 
that I bought at STAR Department Store Mal Kelapa Gading.
not bad, right? :P

Aaaand, most of all.. "Cintailah Produk Indonesia."



That's it my review.

Let me know what you think!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. hwaaaa..packingnya lucu banget >,<
    tp disolo belum pernah liat :(
    warna2nya bagus2 say?


    1. ahaha iya dewie. warnanya lumayan banyak, ada yg nuansa biru, ungu, ijo.. komplit. sekitar belasan pairings.. :)

  2. bagus ini ci feli, I never thought that pink eyeshadow could be this cute! Hahaha, always thought that it would make me look like beaten-wife :p

    1. ahahaha no way! i never thought in my life either to wear pink eyeshadow, that's why you have to try. once in a lifetime! lol. but i bet it looks good on you too! :D

      or noow.. i'm thinking to make a tutorial or FOTD using this. :P

  3. warnanya cantik yaa ^^
    ditunggu FOTD nya kaka :D

  4. Hi feli,
    I found your blog 3 day ago by coincidence searching by google and I have been read all your post..
    so lovely and useful review and I think you are so lovely person too:)
    Like to read your blog..keep posting Feli..
    Nice to know you...:)

    1. omg. just read your comment and it made my day, love! ^^

      thank you so much to left me comments too. you are so sweet! thank you so much dear :)


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