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♡ Kiehl's Event Part 2 : "Holidays Head To Toe Bloggers Gathering" + Overview Products ♡

Hi bubblies!
How's your Christmas Day?
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So, have you already read the first part of this post? 
Where I mostly take you to sight seeing their store at Seibu, Grand Indonesia.
Okeh, here's the link :D >>
♡ Kiehl's Event Part 1 : Come, Window Shop With Me to Kiehl's Counter! ♡

And now for this part 2, I'm gonna share my experience about the event that Kiehl's did for us that day. They invited us with the theme :
"Holidays Head To Toe Bloggers Gathering"

To start, we all got an introduction or I might say a  
101 lesson about the brand Kiehl's.
with the lovely mba Sally as the product manager -slash- host of that day :D

lol. I love her expression here. she's adorable to greet us like that! XD

And here's the summary of the presentation she gave us that day :

  • Kiehl's Pharmacy since 1851, been on the business for 160 years of serious skincare heritage. *fiuhh that's a really loong time ago!*  
The Founder, John Kiehl, started the business in New York as a local apothecary in the neighborhood. That's why you'll gonna see all that elements still showing through from the design concept of their store or even their product packaging. 
  • No fuss packaging and complete information labeling. 
None like other brand that might try to sell their product by a cute deceiving quality packaging, Kiehl's still stick to their old but modernize style. True purpose and straight forward labeling as a skincare product. What you mostly see is all the ingredients list and information sake for the skin.  
[ Product Name - Benefit - For What Skin Type - Product Description With Active Ingredients Story - Directions For Use ]
  • Kiehl's Philosophy : "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!" 
Yup. To show that they care to their beloved customer, they didn't just sell. They also want to reach their customer needs and make a solution to every single skin problem to each of their customer have. That's why for the first timer, if you go to Kiehl's counter, the KCR ( Kiehl's Customer Representative ) will greet you, give solution & advice for you, and lastly they'll give you sample before you buy. NOT a love advice ya girls. Skin problem advice. Don't get mistaken by that if you go to their counter. -_-" lol.
  • Products for A CAUSE
Kiehl's also never forget to always give back to people in need. Some of the programs they have :
Pop Icons : Rp 5K of each unit sold goes to our local Indonesian charities.
Aloe Vera LBC + Brad Pitt : 100% of proceeds went to JPF Eco Systems to support global environmental initiatives.
CDC + Jeff Koons : 100% of proceeds goes to The KOON's Foundation for Abused And Missing Children.
etc, etc.

Moving on, the exciting presentation would be about their product explanation :D

"Aromatic Blends"
This is what they called the most long awaited lines that comes from them. 
Being known for their medicated with natural ingredients and less chemical inside, the smell sometimes.. hmm yeah might be unpleasant. >,<" That's why, this line is a little bit different from what you might find out of other Kiehl's products. 

Aromatic Blends is aromatic scents that Kiehl's created. The all 4 scents are :

Fig Leaf & Sage
Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit
Orange Flower & Lychee
Vanilla & Cedarwood

Sourcing Glossary :
Natural Ingredient Extraction : Orange Flower, Pink Grapefruit, Sage
Sustainably Sourced : Vanilla, Cedarwood
Aromatic Reproduction : Lychee, Nashi Blossom, Fig Leaf

You would find this line in various items like : Pure Fragrance, body spray, body lotion & body cleanser.


Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream
Clearly Corrective. Deep Hidration. Breakthrough Clarity.

First Impression : A not too thick cream, took a while and little massaging but absorb to the skin nicely, not leaving sort of greasiness afterwards.

Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream
Dermatologist Solutions

I know BB Cream is so last year for maybe some of you. In fact, we already have CC Cream in the market :s frankly, this is the newest item that comes from Kiehl's.
They have it in 3 shades, which is : Fair, Light & Natural shades.

My predict :
Fair >> for light skin, with yellow / beige undertone color
Light >> for light skin, with pink / greyish undertone color.
Natural >> for light to medium skin, with yellow / beige undertone color.

Comparison in Shades :
First Impression : A not too thick texture ( means sheer or light in coverage ), feels lightweight on the skin. and I guess.. not so good for oil control because it takes a while to settle on my skin. But who knows? it's just my quick glance by looking at it. I'll review this soon for my upcoming post ^^  
and the shades were also very limited that mostly suit for a light skin tone girl :(

 Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream
 They have it for Cream & Eye Cream version.
The Cream version is for all over face and can be used to minimize pores as well.
While Eye Cream version is meant for your delicate under eye area.

 Different texture & consistency for both :
 As you can see, the eye cream version is much thicker and feels like whipped cream. While the Cream version is more lighter and feels liquidy in texture.

 After all the presentation done, it's time for my skin check and consultation with the KCR..

First thing first, they try to verdict your skin type and possibly skin problems + needs by filling this several options in the form.

Then.. my KCR, his name is Michael :D, suddenly pulled this tiny sheets thing and did an experiment on my face.
 He place it on my forehead and one on my cheek for about 10 seconds.

Apparently, he is checking my oil face with this :
The dots are your oil that got into the sheets. Means.. the more dots in the sheets, the more oil level that you have.

And my result? 
He said that I have a Normal to Dry skin type.
Well, that is quite stupid. lol. First, I'm using makeup ( all that primer and compact powder to control my oil seeping through in the public place >,<" ). And Second, that's just absorbing my oil face in one take!
And I do have a very oily skin btw. XD

 Lesson learnt : knowing your own skin is more important sometimes!

And then.. having more consultation and talk with Michael, I said that my most problem lately is about fading my acne scars.

 So, he finally pulled out some samples of Kiehl's products that suit to what I need.

 He gave me :
Clearly Corrective White Purifying Foaming Cleanser ( 30ml )
 Clearly Corrective White Clarity-Activating Toner ( 40ml )
Clearly Corrective White Hydrating Moisture Emulsion ( 5ml )
Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution ( 2ml each )
 Additional :
Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment in sachet
Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion in sachet

 I guess it's the end of my second post for this Event.
Don't forget to check my upcoming post for this Event Report, where mostly I do reviews for some of the stuffs that I got. Is it worth to buy or not? Guess it will be on my next post yaa ^^

Stay tune.

And here's the goodie bag that I got  :
a Notes
Clear Cute Square Pouch filled with Orange Flower & Lychee Aromatic Blends Products : 
Skin-Softening Body Cleanser ( 65ml )
Skin-Softening Body Lotion ( 65ml )
Aromatic Mist ( 1.5ml)
 Additional :
sample of Kiehl's BB Cream in the shade Fair + Natural mixed together. 


Thanks Kiehl's for inviting me.
Also thanks to you who read my blog.
Have a great day all.
Have an amazing holiday season ahead!

Smile :)


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