Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Officially Indonesian Beauty Blogger :)

Hi bubblies!
How's everything going?
Hope everything turn out to be beautiful! :D

Oh.. how I got a great news and need to share!
Just a second ago ( yes, I immediately making this post! :D ) I receive an e-mail that said :
I'm qualified enough to earn the Indonesian Beauty Blogger logo! 


As you probably didn't know, 13 February 2012 was the time when I make the first ever post and do blogging as well..
( feel free to read my first ever post :D --> First blog. First post. First love. )
and on 13 August 2012 was my official 6 months doing a beauty blog.
 To qualified as one of IBB member and earn the logo, one of the requirement is done blogging for at least 6 months! Omg. you don't know how I wait for this moment! No kidding! :P lol.

And this is what comes on my mail today :

 I'm so excited and grateful!
Thanks for giving me a trust :)

I hope I can always be a better blogger!
I hope I can always make a better post!
I hope I can always bring a useful information!
>> Yes, I think this is a promise to myself!! <<
Well.. wish me luck, girlss! v(^.^)v

"I think in everything you do, keep doing whatever makes you happy. Follow your dream and listen to your heart. Whatever comes out, no matter what others say, stay to WHO you are. That's what makes you the best. As long as we don't hurt others and doing it sincerely, I believe everything turn out to be beautiful."

As always,
Keep your chin high and stay :)
Have a great day all! 

Thanks everyone to keep reading my blog..


  1. Congratulations to you! very very happy for you! Now go write more posts will ya! pressure pressure! hahaha kidding. In all seriousness, CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. aw thx a lott rosee! *hug* i will i will!! soo excited :D

  2. congrats dear ^_^,btw logonya dapet dari mana ya coz nama ak jg udah tercantum di list web beauty blogger ,mau masang logo tapi bingung dari mana logonya :(

    1. oh bukan.. logo itu dikasi sama staffnya, bukan kita yg pasang sendiri. dan ada syaratnya lagi untuk bs qualified to earn the logo. coba baca lagi deh syarat2nya di group IBB facebook :)

  3. Congcraattss!!!! :D

  4. Congrats kak~~!! aku juga baru dapet ^w^ hihihi~~

  5. I really reallllyyy love your blog! and you are super pretty also!! I just recently make a beauty blog as well (, would be great if you can share some tips, as I believe that you're super good at beauty blogging ;)

    1. omg. thank you so much dear ^0^

      my tips? keep up the passion. it's about writing what you like, just be you ^^

  6. Congrats dear ^.^
    Will see more about your blog


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  8. Wow selamat ya ^^!!


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