Friday, August 3, 2012

Collective Haul : Masami Shouko Goodies! :D

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So, this is a COLLECTIVE HAUL or -slash- little REVIEW of some goodies that I bought from brand Masami Shouko. You can purchase these particular items as well in every big Department Store in Jakarta or other cities, I believe. ( SOGO, STAR, etc. ) For I've been impressed by the performance of their inexpensive makeup brushes that I already reviewed in my previous post --> click here!  Now I've been craving more from them, especially their beauty stationery stuff!

And here's what I've got :
1. Travel Mirror Powder / Blush
2. Travel Mirror Pressed / Loose Powder
3. Refill Sponge 
4. Cleaning Puff
5. Clutch Makeup Brush


1. Travel Mirror Powder / Blush
 Price Tag : IDR. 77900 rupiahs ( around $7.79 US Dollars )

I think this is just adorable! >,<" With 4.5 cm diameter width, they made such a super travel-friendly beauty tool! Basically, it's a sponge tip applicator for any loose powder. You just need to dab it ( bouncing motion ) on your face, and the pigments will transfer into your cheeks beautifully. It also kinda reminds me of Yves Saint Laurent Touche Blush or Lioele Blooming Cushion Touch Blusher ( google them! :D ) 
And since I have a mineral blush from L'oreal that I barely used because the applicator is sucks, that's why I'm replacing it with this. ( read my post about it --> click here! )

 the mirror is on top of the lid

 just pull to open the lid

and as for security, it could twist open ( rotate left ) & close ( rotate right )

and the most important thing is, it transfer the color beautifully :)

I think it may seem a little bit pricey if you think about how much money you spend for A sponge tip container, but it's worth it! ( I know, it's an annoying word appear in EVERY reviewed product! >,<" haha ). Made of a quality glass plastic tube as well. If you enjoy applying makeup, spice thing up a bit won't hurt anybody. I recommend it :D

2. Travel Mirror Pressed / Loose Powder
 Price Tag : IDR. 98900 rupiahs ( around $9.89 US Dollars )

Again, I think it is a beautifully made container. With a 6cm diameter width and good quality glass plastic container, I have no worries to carry this around in my bag. I'm using this container to replacing my Elf HD Powder from it's original container ( to see the picture --> click here! ) I love that powder, and the packaging design just wasting the product. It easily flies everywhere whenever I want to open it! >,<"

 the mirror is inside the lid, and the space is meant to store a sponge applicator

 just twist open the lid to get to the product

3. Refill Sponge &
4. Cleaning Puff
  Price Tag Refill Sponge : IDR. 28900 rupiahs ( around $2.89 US Dollars ) pack of 2.
  Price Tag Cleaning Puff : IDR. 28900 rupiahs ( around $2.89 US Dollars ) pack of 2.

Refill Sponge is just an extra replacement for the Travel Mirror Powder / Blush ( item no. 1 ), well.. I thought I might need them eventually if I want to change or switch with other loose powder.

And Cleaning Puff is my exfoliating tool that I always do in every end of the week ( it's in my previous post --> click here!

5. Clutch Makeup Brush
This is my favorite part, also my most exciting purchase of them all.

LOOK, It's a Clutch!
Oh NO, wait, it's a Makeup Brush Storage!

*lame oldish commercial*

I fell in love with this because it's unique and has a good quality material. Also, not so many times I've seen a makeup brush storage sell in every beauty store. That's why I'm picking this one up.

just need to snatch it open

and it's ready for 20 slots of makeup brushes

it's made of quilted fake leather ( doesn't have a strong smell )

and the seam is pretty neat :D

what I like again, it has a different sizes of slot's width

and some of the parts could fit more than 1 makeup brushes

overall, I've been loving with what I purchased :)


So, do you have favorite item from this brand?
Please share and I'd love to hear from you.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. AAAAA... beli dimanaaa... Aku kalo ke dept store kurang jeli kali ya gak pernah nemu brand ini padahal pengeeennnn.... :((

    1. aaa banyak kok. iya, coba nanya ama mba2 dept storenya de. emang dia suka nyempil. hehe

  2. baru tau klo masami punya travel mirror powder/blush
    kmrn wktu nemu masami di bandung dah heboh sama brushnya ajah, jadi ga liat2 yang laen. nyeseell dehh...
    thx infonya yaaa ^^


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