Sunday, August 19, 2012

ღ( ♥‿♥ )ღ Announcing My 100th Follower Giveaway Winner!!

Hi bubblies!
How's everything going?
I've got great news this time! :D

This is an announcement post for 
My 100th Follower Giveaway Winner!!

woops woops! 
I'm so excited and nervous for you at the same time!!! :D

I chose the winner by the help of :

First of all, I already listed all the entries in Microsoft Excel with total 114 entries.
So, when I go to, I'll just type in the total number, and they generate it randomly. 

With the Result : 108, I'll know the winner will be.. 

♥ Congrats Tifa Pascariyanti ♥

Her entry :

I'll directly send you e-mail, tweet and message via facebook :)
 And need your follow back, dear!

Congrats once again! I'll ship the prizes right to your door! :D
Hope you like them and Happy Eid Mubarak!
I hope it could be my gift for your Lebaran Day! Yay!

big SMILE for the rest as always!
Selamat Lebaran semuanyaa!
Maapin kalo ada salah2 kata yaa.
Minal Aidin Walfaidzin.
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

PS : I know it took so long until I finally reach 100 followers and announcing the winner. But, I believe this is the most beautiful and perfect time, since at the same time we all celebrate a blessing festival after 30 days of fasting and resisting all the temptations. And I believe this is a victory for us all, apapun agama dan kepercayaan kita masing2.





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