Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Review + Swatches : Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

Hi lippies lover!
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Hope it's full of colors!! \(♥o♥)/ yey! :D

This post is dedicated to swatches and little review for :
Maybelline Color Sensational 
Moisture Extreme Lip Color 

 I have 4 colors that I collected through this series. 
Actually 5, but I gave one to my mom :)
But yeah, I believe this is one of the cheapest lipstick that Maybelline carried >> roughly IDR. 35000 rupiahs ( around $ 3.50 US Dollars ) and these were all the first ever daring lipstick colors that I bought! Because I realized, experimenting with lip color could really make a BIG difference to the whole face! :D 

Hmm yes, I purchase these quite a long time ago..
But still, I decided to make this post because Maybelline still carried these lippies and if you interested in buying, for some close up color options for these particular colors that I got :)

 The colors are :

 . CP02 Coral Pearl . F41 Plum Perfect . BP03 Nude Pearl . RC51 Summer Sunset .

Swatches :
. under direct indoor artificial lighting . with & without flash .

. under indoor artificial lighting . without flash .

  • RC51 Summer Sunset 
  • F41 Plum Perfect 
  • CP02 Coral Pearl
  • BP03 Nude Pearl  

♥ Little Review ♥

I bet you already familiar or even have other colors from this series. So, here goes my 2 cents of thoughts as summarize from other bunch reviews out there *.^ :
Overall, these were all of a bargain price of lippies with very good pigmentation.
I would compare the pigmentation to NYX round lipsticks, but this is more of a waxy feeling texture ( while NYX is buttery ). Good thing, these were all not melt easily like NYX does.
Perfect for someone who is still experimenting with lip colors.
Can be reach easily at Maybelline counter or drugstore beauty items nearby, here in Indonesia.
Goes on smoothly and nicely on the lips.
Not too moisturizing, and not too drying either. Hence, lipbalm underneath help a lot. 
Has a sleek packaging and looking expensive than the actual price. 
Has a decent staying power and fade gracefully if you eating and drinking.

So here you go, I hope this post helpful for you out there!
Or tell me your favorite color through this series :D

Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. Oh i love coral and nude pearl! Those are pretty!

    1. ahh yes.. i like coral too, but nude pearl just too frosty for my taste. thx for commenting, rose :)

  2. waahh shimmery bgt ya >.<
    nice review ^^

    1. ahaha iya vee.. rata2 yg series ini jatonya glossy atau shimmer.. yg nude pearl aga frosty malah. hehe

  3. yang coral pearl kayaknya cantik yaa.. ^^ sayang shimmer banget :(

    1. iyaa.. coba shimmernya ga terlalu banyak, bisa lebi wearable si aku bilang :)

  4. Nice review, Aq juga pernah nyoba yg seri ini, punyaku yg Bronze Orange :)

    1. aw thx dear :) do you like it? aku kayanya belom pernah swatch yg bronze orange de. nanti kalo iseng2 ke counternya lagi ahh :D

  5. aku pernah baca di blog luar, lipstik ini ntar lama2 shimmernya ga keliatan. matte finish juga. emang dipake di sini ga gitu ya?


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