Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Etude House's Products That I Regret to Purchase :(

Hi bubblies!
How's everyone doing?
I hope everything's good ya! :)

From the title maybe already says it all.
Yup! these are some misses that I found through this famous Korean cosmetic brand.

believe me, I'm sad by myself :(

Don't get me wrong, Etude House is one of my favorite brand overall because they have lots of cuteness going on and I still find their makeup or skincare products works well on me. But somehow, couple of these things just didn't work on me or I think not as hype as what's been raved about >> my personal opinion, of course :)

So, let's see what I've got! :D


1. Etude House Styling Eye Liner AD in 02 

I believe they have 01 for black and 02 for white.

Okey. Maybe I can start from what I like first and ended up purchasing this. The color is so very nice to put in inner corner, highlighting brow bone, or in lower waterline to brighten up eyes and make it more doll look. I must admit that. It's a pearly or satiny white color and quite buttery, blendable, and pigmented as well.

my camera can't capture it well, but it come out as satin finish with silver undertone color.

And it's in a twist up pen, which I believe quite practical for traveling or even to use daily.

But, the thing that turn me off is : how fragile this thing is :(
From the packaging into the product itself. I keep breaking the product when I'm applying it to my eyes, even if I did it carefully. With not so many product you get, I'll finish this in a matter of days :(

that's only how much you get. approximately 3cm :(

Not forget to mention, the packaging felt so cheapy, lightweight plastic and not sturdy enough. I BROKE it :)  >>how the hell am I smiling..

Well, I guess this is just a waste of my money. I don't recommend them.

2. Etude House Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner in #1 Strong Black

This is actually my mom's purchases from the counter because the lady in the counter put it on her. Oh well, mom.. -_-" Actually it's so very nice and black enough to make your eyes stand out.

But, the thing that turn me off is : how fast this thing dries! :( not on your lid, but on the jarl! grrrr..

From the first week my mom uses this ( and because she isn't quite good with gel liner herself ), she ended up just neglect it afterwards on the dresser for another couple of weeks. When I saw it, I kinda wanted to try it and so glad that my mom let me keeping it.. BUT... -_____-" yeah, it already like a stone.

I try to survive it with one of the method i learnt on Youtube >> MICROWAVE! 
Because as what I've heard, if we add something to dissolve it, the consistency wouldn't be the same anymore. But I must say, it's a total FAIL! -________-"

even the jar is cracked on ( only ) 30seconds in the microwave :(
when it cooled down, the consistency even more miserable. like a burnt charcoal :/


 see that thing? it's supposed to be the free-mini-travel brush cap, but the cap and the brush were loosely enough so I lost the brush now -_-" not the best packaging. ever. -____-"

Well, I guess this is just a waste of my ( mom's :P ) money. I don't recommend them.

3. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in 01

To be honest, I bought this when I have no such experience with blush color that suit me the best. I thought I was pretty fair enough and that's why I always choose the lightest color every time I bought makeup -_-" Oh well..

The concept is super cute, the packaging is super adorable, even the product itself is easy to work with. had a lovely scents as well ^.^

But, the thing that turn me off is : how pale the color is! It's not flattering color on me. at all. I'm already looking dead if I don't add happy color on my face, and I never intend to be the cast of Twilight either.. so.. yeah. -_-"

Even I don't see it would look good on a darker skin tone color. So, who's gonna wear it? >> well, who knows? I'm not an expert nor experience enough to say this. So, leave my word to myself, okey? :P if it happen to flattering on someone else, it would be sooo good :)

So here you go, my not so happily mood when talking about regret -_-"
But need to remind, every person is different.
Finding what suit you the best is through trial and error journey.
It wouldn't ( supposed ) to be a regret if you learn something from the mistake :)
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. weeee terima kasih infonyaaa :O
    jadi bisa lebih hati2 dalam memilih produk etude, ga smuanya bagus ya

  2. Well apparently it wasn't only me who found code b gel liner sucks big time. Mine was even worst than yours, at least you got something that wasn't dry before, imagine how pissed off I am when I came home, and open the newly bought gel liner only to find it already dry and cracked inside the jar. BOO! Major fail!

    1. wait, what? damn. x_x you should go back to the counter then. and ask for a refund, or change the product. you still have the bill, right? that's your proof from buying from their original counter. every store should have that policy! :)

  3. Hmm I have never heard about Etude until I saw Stella on Youtube showing her Etude box. I love her box though, it was so cool then I joined IBB and find out it is actually one of many favs beauty products by bloggers n ppl in Indo. What abt their BB Cream, I heard it is quite popular. Oh n I can't believe that jar cracked after only 30secs in microwave. Cheap packaging i guess.

    Can we follow each other :)

    1. yup, etude is quite popular here in indonesia :) i once tried one of their BB cream and quite liking it. hmm.. maybe i'll make a review someday? i'll post it on IBB facebook if i done doing it :)

      yup, already dear :) now i'm watching one of your video. ahaha :D

  4. Uwah kasus no dua sama bgt sama pengalamavku, punyaku keras dan aku coba masukin k microwave, aku ga tau sama sekali kalo botolnya bukan kaca asli. Jadinya di dalam microvawe ku bunyi kayak ledakan kecil, dan pas dibuka uda meleleh. Yang meleleh kacanya justru bukan gel nya -________-

    1. ahaha wah, kalo aku untungnya aku pantengin.. sebelom meledak aku rescue buru2 :P trus microwavenya gapapa kan? sayang kalo sampe rusak -_-"

  5. same here! code B is sucks... T_T
    padahal bnyk juga yg bilang code B is recommended eyeliner..
    but it's not.. it's such a waste.. T_T

    nice and helpful review Fel :D thank you! :*

  6. yg styling eyeliner emg murah cie :) jd maklum kalo fragile,
    yg code b, setuju.. emg cepet kering ya.. aku prnh coba masukin ke microwave jg tapi ga ngefek XD *untung ga retak*
    yg lovely cookie blusher, kurasa salah shade aja cie ^^ yg warna yg lain cantik2 kok, emang yg no 1 itu wrn yg paling pale :) secara kan kulit cewe korea putih2 bgt jd ada dirilis wrn kayak gitu deh..hehe

    do not forget to join my giveaway ^___^

    1. ahaha iya, yg styling eyeliner beli di counter jadinya not so cheapy, vee :( kalo murahpun, ga worth it hehe.. yup, that's why i told different in every person. lovely cookie blusher too pale on me :(

  7. thanks for sharing :D
    selama ini aku tertarik beli produk Etude tapi gatau kenapa ga kebeli-beli haha belinya selalu yang lain
    memang mesti hati-hati ya kalau beli produk tertentu, biasanya aku cek dulu review orang-orang ^^

    1. haha you're welcome dear :) iya, emang bener kok. jangan asal beli, liat2 atau tanya2 pendapat org dulu biar ga salah beli.. glad could help you :)

  8. stuju utk code b nyaa.. cepet bgt keringnya.. pas dibuka tb2 aja ud retak jd dua pdhl ga jatuh atau kenapa2.. -,-
    klo cookie blushny jg ga gt bagus ya mmg, aku rasa wrnanya ga pigmented, susah bgt buat warnanya kluar -,-
    klo styling eyeliner kualitasnya kyny bs lmyan tercermin dr harganya ce.. hahaha.. jd aku ga beli deh..
    Thanx for sharing :D

    1. ahahaha iya, komen kamu buat aku manggut2 juga :D
      you're welcome dear! :))

  9. yg lovely cookie blusher gak setuju, soalnya bagus heheee, di aku cocok :p mungkin salah shade doank ya hehehe

    ikutan second giveawayku yuk

    1. yup. i wrote my own opinion and clearly said it's the shade that doesn't suit me. :)

  10. Yeah! I had the same experience of the etude house code B eyeliner too... omg! It dry off super fast and i just use it for few times

  11. same problem with me as well .i bought a eyeliner (marker like packaging:forgot the name) which cost me P500 plus and when i can i came back home and use was a no no..i think it was empty and it is still lying in the corner...sigh

  12. in malaysia everything about etude house ok :) sometimes i buy online with korean etude house supplier , more cheaper :) i love etude house bcos it good in my skin :)

  13. samething with me.. aku beli code B itu jaman dahulu kala.. ga sampai 2 minggu kering.. sayang banget deh.... sampai skrg jadi agak2 trauma beli gel eyeliner merk etude.. thought the same shit will happen.. >.<


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